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The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](,
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## 2.0.0 - 2021-11-23
Please read the []( file as well.
### Added
- Added possibility to follow groups and be notified from new upcoming events
- Export list of participants to CSV, `PDF` and `ODS`
- Allow to set timezone for an event. The timezone is automatically defined from the address if one is defined. If the event timezone is different than the user's current one, a toggle is shown to switch between the two.
- Added initial support for Right To Left languages (such as arabic) and [BiDi](
- Group followers and members get an notification email by default when a group publishes a new event (subject to activity notification settings)
- Group admins can now approve or deny new memberships
- Build releases in `arm` and `arm64` format in addition to `amd64`
- Build Docker images in `arm` and `arm64` format in addition to `amd64`
- Added possibility to indicate the event is fully online
- Added possibility to search only for online events
- Added possibility to search only in past events
- Detect event, comments and posts languages automatically. Allows setting language
- Allow to change an user's password through the users.modify mix task
- Add instance setting so that only the admin can create groups
- Add instance setting so that only groups can create events
- Added JSON-LD metadata about the event in emails
- Added a quick link to email notification settings at the bottom of emails
- Allow to access Mobilizon with a specific language directly by using `https://instance.tld/lang` where `lang` is a language supported by Mobilizon
- Added organizer actor name (profile or group) in the icalendar export
- Add initial support for federation with Gancio
### Changed
- Multiple UI improvements, including post, event and participation cards, discussions and emails. The « My Events » page was also redesigned to allow showing events from your groups.
- Various accessibility improvements
- Event update notification is send to participants ~30 minutes after the event update, so that successive edits are throttled.
- Event, post and comments titles and content now have expose their detected language in HTML, for improved screen reader experience
- Delete current actor ID as well from local storage when unlogging
- Show a default text for instance contact in default terms text when no instance contact is set
- Only show locatecontrol button in leaflet map when we can do geolocation
- Disable push column in notification settings when push is not available
- Show actual language instead of language code in Users admin view
- Empty old & new passwords fields when successful password change
- Don't link to the group page from admin when actor is suspended
- Warn participants when the event organizer is suspended (and therefore the event cancelled)
- Improve metadata on public page
- Make sure some event action pages (participate remotely or without an account) don't get indexed by search engines
- Only send `Tombstone` element in `Delete` activities, not the whole previous deleted element.
- Make sure `Delete` activity are send correctly to everyone
- Only add address and tags to event icalendar export if they exist
- `master` branch has been renamed to `main`
- Mention following groups on the registration page
- Add missing group name to activity notifications
- Warn while registering and logging when the email contains uppercase characters
- Improve json-ld metadata on event live streams
- Add "eventAttendanceMode" to JSON-ld event representation
- Improve sending pending participation notifications
- Add "formerType" and "delete" attributes on Tombstones ActivityPub objects representation
- Improve MyEvents page description text
### Removed
- Support for Elixir < 1.12 and OTP < 22
### Fixed
- Fix tags autocomplete
- Fix config onboarding after LDAP initial connexion
- Fix events pagination on tags page
- Fixed deduplicated files from orphan media being deleted as well
- Fix deleting own account
- Fix search returning user profiles instead of only groups
- Fix federating geo coordinates
- Fix an issue with group activity items when moving resources
- Fix an issue with Identity Picker
- Fix an issue with TagInput
- Fix an issue when leaving a group
- Fix admin settings edition
- Fix an issue when showing public page of suspended group
- Removed non existing page (`/about/mobilizon`) from sitemap
- Fix action logs containing group suspension events
- Fixed group physical address not exposed to ActivityPub
- Release front-end files are no longer in duplicate
- Only show datetime timezone toggle on event if the timezone offset is different from our own
- Fix error when determining audience for Discussion when deleting a comment
- Fix a couple of accessibility issues
- Limit to acceptable tags when pasting raw HTML into comment fields on front-end
- Fixed group map display
- Fixed updating group physical address
- Allow group members to access group drafts
- Improve group refreshment workflow
- Fixed date signature generation for federation
- Fixed an issue when duplicating a group event from another profile
- Fixed event metadata not saved on eventcreation
- Use a different pagination parameter for searched events and featured events on search page
- Fixed creating group activities when creating events with some fields
- Move release package at correct path for CI upload
- Fixed event contacts that were not exposed and fetched over federation
- Don't sign fetch when fetching actor for a given signature
- Some various HTTP signatures issues
- Fixed actor AP representation of avatar
- Handle errors when fetching actor pictures
- Fixed sending group events to followers on Mastodon
- Fixed actors avatars and banners being deleted if the same file was also an orphan media
- Fix spacing in organizer picker
- Increase number of close events and follow group events
- Fix accessing user profile in admin section
- Set initial values for some EventMetadata elements, fixing submitting them right away with no value
- Avoid giving an error page if the apollo futureParticipations query is undefined
- Fixed path to exports in production
- Fixed padding below truncated title of event cards
- Fixed exports that weren't enabled in Docker
- Fixed error page when event end date is null
### Security
- Fixed private messages sent as event replies from Mastodon that were shown publically as public comments. They are now discarded.
### Translations
- Czech
- Gaelic
- German
- Hungarian
- Indonesian
- Norwegian Nynorsk
- Occitan
- Persian
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Russian
- Slovenian
- Spanish
## 2.0.0-rc.3 - 2021-11-22
This lists changes since 2.0.0-rc.3. Please read the []( file as well.