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Thomas Citharel e841fb6fbb
Move mailer from Bamboo to Swoosh 6 months ago
Thomas Citharel 6e5061250c
Improve admin views (2) 8 months ago
Thomas Citharel f4284e1d3a
Remove unused functions 12 months ago
Thomas Citharel a670a7d7a7
Fix and improve language handling 1 year ago
Thomas Citharel 92367a5f33
Allow to report a group 2 years ago
rustra 97651e88e9 Implement Credo software design suggestions 3 years ago
rustra 8856cc2f55 Rename MobilizonWeb to Mobilizon.Web 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel a84cfb5910
Save user locale and use it to translate things 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel 8006b8e0f3
Fixes for email 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel 6a41b13446
🎨 Add fancy html emails 3 years ago
miffigriffi da97c29340 Move Email context under MobilizonWeb 3 years ago
miffy 96f51d3a27 Refactoring of Email context 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel aef841e192 Introduce backend for reports 3 years ago