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Thomas Citharel e841fb6fbb
Move mailer from Bamboo to Swoosh 6 months ago
Thomas Citharel de047c8939
Various typespec and compilation improvements 1 year ago
Thomas Citharel 7ec6f158ec
Add wrapper to Sentry to not load it when not configured 1 year ago
Thomas Citharel cb4a801519
Small fixes 1 year ago
Thomas Citharel d98e68203e
Handle sending mail more properly 1 year ago
rustra 8856cc2f55 Rename MobilizonWeb to Mobilizon.Web 3 years ago
miffigriffi da97c29340 Move Email context under MobilizonWeb 3 years ago
miffy fa037fd683 Separating of Storage context 3 years ago
miffy 96f51d3a27 Refactoring of Email context 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel 559c889f1b Rename project to Mobilizon 4 years ago