version chapril de mobilizon
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Maintenance tasks


Generates new configuration files.

!!! warning This command generates configuration for your Mobilizon instance and should be run only once when installing.

If any options are left unspecified, you will be prompted interactively.

mix mobilizon.instance gen [<options>]


  • -f, --force Whether to erase existing files
  • -o, --output PATH The path to output the prod.secret.exs file. Defaults to config/prod.secret.exs.
  • --output_psql PATH The path to output the SQL script. Defaults to setup_db.psql.
  • --domain DOMAIN The instance's domain
  • --instance_name INSTANCE_NAME The instance's name
  • --admin_email ADMIN_EMAIL The administrator's email
  • --dbhost HOSTNAME The database hostname of the PostgreSQL database to use
  • --dbname DBNAME The name of the database to use
  • --dbuser DBUSER The database user (aka role) to use for the database connection
  • --dbpass DBPASS The database user's password to use for the database connection
  • --dbport DBPORT The database port