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Thomas Citharel 2141f92a30
Fix tests
2 years ago
auth Introduce support for 3rd-party auth (OAuth2 & LDAP) 2 years ago
export Fix Credo code readability issues 3 years ago
formatter Fix tests 2 years ago
geospatial Fix geospatial clients 2 years ago
metadata Add tests for metadata 2 years ago
notifications Fix tests with scheduler notifications 2 years ago
workers Upgrade oban to 2.0 2 years ago
clean_orphan_media_test.exs Track usage of media files and add a job to clean them 2 years ago
clean_unconfirmed_users_test.exs Clean unconfirmed users 2 years ago
error_page_test.exs Introduce support for custom nginx error pages 2 years ago