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Didier Clermonté 2 years ago committed by root
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commit 5d548d912d

@ -7,6 +7,10 @@
; (optional) set a project name to be displayed on the website
name = "PasteChaprilOrg"
; The full URL, with the domain name and directories that point to the PrivateBin files
; This URL is essential to allow Opengraph images to be displayed on social networks
; basepath = ""
; enable or disable the discussion feature, defaults to true
discussion = true
@ -35,6 +39,10 @@ sizelimit = 2097152
; template to include, default is "bootstrap" (tpl/bootstrap.php)
template = "bootstrap"
; (optional) info text to display
; use single, instead of double quotes for HTML attributes
;info = "More information on the <a href='https://privatebin.info/'>project page</a>."
; (optional) notice to display
; notice = "Note: This is a test service: Data may be deleted anytime. Kittens will die if you abuse this service."
@ -77,6 +85,18 @@ languageselection = false
; sha256 in HMAC for the deletion token
zerobincompatibility = false
; Enable or disable the warning message when the site is served over an insecure
; connection (insecure HTTP instead of HTTPS), defaults to true.
; Secure transport methods like Tor and I2P domains are automatically whitelisted.
; It is **strongly discouraged** to disable this.
; See https://github.com/PrivateBin/PrivateBin/wiki/FAQ#why-does-it-show-me-an-error-about-an-insecure-connection for more information.
; httpwarning = true
; Pick compression algorithm or disable it. Only applies to pastes/comments
; created after changing the setting.
; Can be set to one these values: "none" / "zlib" (default).
; compression = "zlib"
; expire value that is selected per default
; make sure the value exists in [expire_options]