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%%% @author Evgeniy Khramtsov <>
%%% @copyright (C) 2013, Evgeniy Khramtsov
%%% @doc
%%% @end
%%% Created : 8 May 2013 by Evgeniy Khramtsov <>
%% Macros
{roster_gateway_workaround, @roster_gateway_workaround@}.
{full_xml, @full_xml@}.
{db_type, @db_type@}.
{debug, @debug@}.
{hipe, @hipe@}.
{erlang_deprecated_types, @erlang_deprecated_types@}.
%% Ad-hoc directories with source files
{tools, @tools@}.
%% Dependencies
{odbc, @odbc@}.
{mysql, @mysql@}.
{pgsql, @pgsql@}.
{sqlite, @sqlite@}.
{pam, @pam@}.
{zlib, @zlib@}.
{riak, @riak@}.
{redis, @redis@}.
{elixir, @elixir@}.
{lager, @lager@}.
{iconv, @iconv@}.
%% Version
%% Variables for overlay template files
%% Platform-specific installation paths
{release, true}.
{release_dir, "${SCRIPT_DIR%/*}"}.
{sysconfdir, "{{release_dir}}/etc"}.
{installuser, "@INSTALLUSER@"}.
{erl, "{{release_dir}}/{{erts_vsn}}/bin/erl"}.
{localstatedir, "{{release_dir}}/var"}.
{libdir, "{{release_dir}}/lib"}.
{docdir, "{{release_dir}}/doc"}.
{ldflags, "@LDFLAGS@"}.
{cflags, "@CFLAGS@"}.
{cppflags, "@CPPFLAGS@"}.
%% Local Variables:
%% mode: erlang
%% End:
%% vim: set filetype=erlang tabstop=8: