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language: erlang
- 19.3
- 22.2
- redis-server
- postgresql
# We need MySQL 5.6 or newer in order to get support for FULLTEXT indexes
# with InnoDB. As soon as Travis ships that version, the following lines
# (except for the "apt-get update" call) can go away.
# See:
- sudo sed -i -e s/table_cache/table_open_cache/ -e /log_slow_queries/d /etc/mysql/my.cnf
- sudo apt-key adv --import .travis/mysql_repo_key.asc
- sudo add-apt-repository 'deb precise mysql-5.6'
- sudo apt-get -qq update
- sudo apt-get -qq -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-confold install mysql-server
- sudo service mysql start
- sudo mysql_upgrade
# /END MYSQL 5.6
- pip install --user coveralls-merge
- sudo apt-get -qq install libexpat1-dev libyaml-dev libpam0g-dev libsqlite3-dev libgd-dev libwebp-dev
# Ulimit: See Travis-CI issue report:
- mysql -u root -e "CREATE USER 'ejabberd_test'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'ejabberd_test';"
- mysql -u root -e "CREATE DATABASE ejabberd_test;"
- mysql -u root -e "GRANT ALL ON ejabberd_test.* TO 'ejabberd_test'@'localhost';"
- mysql -u root ejabberd_test < sql/mysql.sql
- psql -U postgres -c "CREATE USER ejabberd_test WITH PASSWORD 'ejabberd_test';"
- psql -U postgres -c "CREATE DATABASE ejabberd_test;"
- psql -U postgres ejabberd_test -f sql/pg.sql
- psql -U postgres -c "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE ejabberd_test TO ejabberd_test;"
- psql -U postgres ejabberd_test -c "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA public TO ejabberd_test;"
- psql -U postgres ejabberd_test -c "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL SEQUENCES IN SCHEMA public TO ejabberd_test;"
- ./
- ./configure --prefix=/tmp/ejabberd --enable-all --disable-odbc --disable-elixir
- make
- make install -s
- make xref
- ./tools/ ebin
- sed -i -e 's/ct:pal/ct:log/' test/suite.erl
- ln -sf ../sql priv/
- echo "" >> rebar.config
- echo '{ct_extra_params, "-verbosity 20"}.' >> rebar.config
- escript ./rebar skip_deps=true ct -v
- grep -q 'TEST COMPLETE,.* 0 failed' logs/raw.log
- test $(find logs -empty -name error.log)
- find logs -name suite.log -exec cat '{}' ';'
- find logs -name exunit.log -exec cat '{}' ';'
- find logs -name ejabberd.log -exec cat '{}' ';'
- find logs -name suite.log -exec cat '{}' ';' | awk 'BEGIN{RS="\n=case";FS="\n"} /=result\s*failed/ {print "=case" $0}'
- coveralls-merge erlang.json
email: false