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# Version NEXT
# Version 19.08
* Administration
- Improve ejabberd halting procedure
- Process unexpected erlang messages uniformly: logging a warning
- mod_configure: Remove modules management
* Configuration
- Use new configuration validator
- ejabberd_http: Use correct virtual host when consulting trusted_proxies
- Fix Elixir modules detection in the configuration file
- Make option 'validate_stream' global
- Allow multiple definitions of host_config and append_host_config
- Introduce option 'captcha_url'
- mod_stream_mgmt: Allow flexible timeout format
- mod_mqtt: Allow flexible timeout format in session_expiry option
* Misc
- Fix SQL connections leakage
- New authentication method using JWT tokens
- extauth: Add 'certauth' command
- Improve SQL pool logic
- Add and improve type specs
- Improve extraction of translated strings
- Improve error handling/reporting when loading language translations
- Improve hooks validator and fix bugs related to hooks registration
- Gracefully close inbound s2s connections
- mod_mqtt: Fix usage of TLS
- mod_offline: Make count_offline_messages cache work when using mam for storage
- mod_privacy: Don't attempt to query 'undefined' active list
- mod_privacy: Fix race condition
- Add code for hibernating inactive muc_room processes
- Improve handling of unexpected iq in mod_muc_room
- Attach mod_muc_room processes to a supervisor
- Restore room when receiving message or generic iq for not started room
- Distribute routing of MUC messages accross all CPU cores
* PubSub
- Fix pending nodes retrieval for SQL backend
- Check access_model when publishing PEP
- Remove deprecated pubsub plugins
- Expose access_model and publish_model in pubsub#metadata
# Version 19.05