rebar3 plugin to support configure-deps command (#3392)

* rebar3 plugin to support configure-deps command

To allow running configure on dependencies prior to compilation, add a
rebar3 plugin to support the 'configure-deps' command introduced for
rebar2 in a7639fd4

* Fix compatibility with OTP < 23

binary_to_atom/1 is new to OTP 23
Stu Tomlinson 3 years ago committed by GitHub
parent d9feed54a9
commit 385af01587
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@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
{erl_opts, [debug_info]}.
{deps, []}.

@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
{application, configure_deps,
[{description, "A rebar3 plugin to explicitly run configure on dependencies"},
{vsn, "0.0.1"},
{registered, []},
{applications, [kernel, stdlib]},
{modules, []},
{links, []}

@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
-spec init(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()}.
init(State) ->
{ok, State1} = configure_deps_prv:init(State),
{ok, State1}.

@ -0,0 +1,55 @@
-export([init/1, do/1, format_error/1]).
-define(PROVIDER, 'configure-deps').
-define(DEPS, [install_deps]).
%% ===================================================================
%% Public API
%% ===================================================================
-spec init(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()}.
init(State) ->
Provider = providers:create([
{namespace, default},
{name, ?PROVIDER}, % The 'user friendly' name of the task
{module, ?MODULE}, % The module implementation of the task
{bare, true}, % The task can be run by the user, always true
{deps, ?DEPS}, % The list of dependencies
{example, "rebar3 configure-deps"}, % How to use the plugin
{opts, []}, % list of options understood by the plugin
{short_desc, "Explicitly run ./configure for dependencies"},
{desc, "A rebar plugin to allow explicitly running ./configure on depdendencies. Useful if dependencies might change prior to compilation when configure is run."}
{ok, rebar_state:add_provider(State, Provider)}.
-spec do(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()} | {error, string()}.
do(State) ->
Apps = rebar_state:project_apps(State) ++ lists:usort(rebar_state:all_deps(State)),
lists:foreach(fun do_app/1, Apps),
{ok, State}.
exec_configure({'configure-deps', Cmd}, Dir) ->
exec_configure(_, Acc) -> Acc.
parse_pre_hooks({pre_hooks, PreHooks}, Acc) ->
lists:foldl(fun exec_configure/2, Acc, PreHooks);
parse_pre_hooks(_, Acc) -> Acc.
parse_additions({add, App, Additions}, {MyApp, Dir}) when App == MyApp ->
lists:foldl(fun parse_pre_hooks/2, Dir, Additions),
{MyApp, Dir};
parse_additions(_, Acc) -> Acc.
do_app(App) ->
Dir = rebar_app_info:dir(App),
Opts = rebar_app_info:opts(App),
Overrides = rebar_opts:get(Opts, overrides),
lists:foldl(fun parse_additions/2, {binary_to_atom(rebar_app_info:name(App), utf8), Dir}, Overrides).
-spec format_error(any()) -> iolist().
format_error(Reason) ->
io_lib:format("~p", [Reason]).

@ -113,6 +113,7 @@
{deps_erl_opts, [{if_var_true, hipe, native}]}.
{if_rebar3, {plugins, [rebar3_hex, {provider_asn1, "0.2.0"}]}}.
{if_rebar3, {project_plugins, [configure_deps]}}.
{if_not_rebar3, {plugins, [
deps_erl_opts, override_deps_versions2, override_opts, configure_deps,
{if_var_true, elixir, rebar_elixir_compiler},