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Release Notes
ejabberd 2.1.9
ejabberd 2.1.9 is the eighth release in ejabberd 2.1.x branch,
and includes a lot of bugfixes and improvements.
Read more details about the changes in:
Download the source code and installers from:
The changes are:
* Core ejabberd
- Decrease CPU usage caused by tls:send with large data
- Escape iolist correctly when NIFs are disabled (EJAB-1462)
- Fix code to satisfy Dialyzer warnings
- Fix compilation in Windows
- Replace calls of OTP's Binary, since they would require R14
- Document ldap_tls_cacertfile and ldap_tls_depth options (EJAB-1299)
- Log an error when an LDAP filter is incorrect (EJAB-1395)
- New options: ldap_tls_cacertfile and ldap_tls_depth (EJAB-1299)
- New option: ldap_deref_aliases (EJAB-639)
- Match ldap_uidattr_format case-insensitively (EJAB-1449)
- Support for multiple entry with same nick to MUC rooms (EJAB-305)
- Support voice request and approvement
- New room option: allow_private_messages_from_visitors
- New room options: allow_voice_requests and voice_request_min_interval
- Include status 110 in presence to new occupant (EJAB-740)
- Fix mod_muc_log crash when first log entry is room destroy (EJAB-1499)
- Many fixes and improvements in mod_muc
* Pubsub
- Enable pubsub#deliver_notification checking (EJAB-1453)
- Fix Denial of Service when user sends malformed publish stanza (EJAB-1498)
- Fix ODBC account counting (EJAB-1491)
- Optimized mod_roster_odbc:get_roster
* Miscellanea:
- New SASL SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism (EJAB-1196)
- New option: resource_conflict (EJAB-650)
Bug reports
You can officially report bugs on ProcessOne support site: