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- As usual, it is recommended to backup the Mnesia spool directory and
your SQL database (if used) before upgrading ejabberd.
- The plugin of mod_pubsub "default" is renamed to "flat". You need
to edit the ejabberd configuration file and replace those names.
- Between ejabberd 2.0.0 and 2.0.5, mod_pubsub used "default" as the
default node plugin. But in 2.1.0 this is renamed to "hometree".
You have to edit your ejabberd config file and replace those names.
If you used ejabberd 2.0.5 or older, the database will be updated
automatically. But if you were using ejabberd from SVN, you must
manually run ejabberdctl with the command: rename_default_nodeplugin.
Running this command on already updated database does nothing.
- The listener options 'ip' and inet6' are not documented anymore
- The listener options 'ip' and 'inet6' are not documented anymore
but they are supported and you can continue using them.
There is a new syntax to define IP address and IP version.
As usual, check the ejabberd Guide for more information.