Fix Guide: ejabberd_service expects a shaper_rule, not a shaper

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@ -816,7 +816,7 @@ The available modules, their purpose and the options allowed by each one are:
Interacts with an \footahref{}{external component}
(as defined in the Jabber Component Protocol (\xepref{0114}).\\
Options: \texttt{access}, \texttt{hosts}, \texttt{max\_fsm\_queue},
\texttt{service\_check\_from}, \texttt{shaper}
\texttt{service\_check\_from}, \texttt{shaper\_rule}
Handles STUN Binding requests as defined in
\footahref{}{RFC 5389}.\\
@ -932,6 +932,9 @@ This is a detailed description of each option allowed by the listening modules:
\titem{\{shaper, none|ShaperName\}} \ind{options!shaper}This option defines a
shaper for the port (see section~\ref{shapers}). The default value
is \term{none}.
\titem{\{shaper\_rule, none|ShaperRule\}} \ind{options!shaperrule}This option defines a
shaper rule for the \term{ejabberd\_service} (see section~\ref{shapers}). The recommended value
is \term{fast}.
\titem{starttls} \ind{options!starttls}\ind{STARTTLS}This option
specifies that STARTTLS encryption is available on connections to the port.
You should also set the \option{certfile} option.