Fix syntax in Elixir config file

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Mickael Remond 2019-04-12 10:40:46 +02:00
parent 8761e6e0e0
commit 6dac0a602e
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@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ defmodule Ejabberd.ConfigFile do
language: "en",
allow_contrib_modules: true,
hosts: ["localhost"],
shaper: shaper,
acl: acl,
access: access]
shaper: shaper(),
acl: acl(),
access: access()]
defp shaper do
@ -131,9 +131,10 @@ defmodule Ejabberd.ConfigFile do
module :mod_register do
@opts [welcome_message: [
subject: "Welcome!",
body: "Hi.\nWelcome to this XMPP Server",
body: "Hi.\nWelcome to this XMPP Server"
ip_access: :trusted_network,
access: :register]]
access: :register]
module :mod_roster do