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# Version 20.07
* Changes in this version
- Add support for using unix sockets in listeners.
- Make this version compatible with erlang R23
- Make room permissions checks more strict for subscribers
- Fix problem with muc rooms crashing when using muc logger
with some locales
- Limit stat calls that logger module issues
- Don't throw errors when using user_regexp acl rule and
having non-matching host
- Fix problem with leaving old data when updating shared rosters
- Fix edge case that caused failure of resuming old sessions with
stream management.
- Fix crash when room that was started with loging enabled was later
changed to logging disabled
- Increase default shaper limits (this should help with delays for
clients that are using jingle)
- Fix couple compatibility problems which prevented working on
erlang R19
- Fix sending presence unavailable when session terminates for
clients that only send directed presences (helps with sometimes
not leaving muc rooms on disconnect).
- Prevent supervisor errors for sockets that were closed before
they were passed to handler modules
- Make stun module work better with ipv6 addresses
# Version 20.03
* Changes in this version