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Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. It may help !
1. What version of ejabberd are you using ?
2. What operating system are you using ?
3. How did you install ejabberd (source, package, distribution) ?
4. What did not work as expected ? What that error in the log ?
What that unexpected behaviour ? What was the expected result ?

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We are open to contribution for ejabberd, as Github pull requests (PR).
Here is a few points to consider before submitting your pull request.
(You can remove the whole text after reading).
1. Does this PR address an issue ?
Please reference it in PR description.
2. Have you properly described the proposed changed ?
3. Please, make sure the change is atomic and does only touch the
needed modules.
If you have other changes / fixes to provide, please make them as
separate PR.
4. If you change or new feature involves backends,
did you make sure you change is compliant with all backends or
provide the feature for all backends ?
5. Do you provides tests ?
How can we check the behaviour of the code ?
6. Did you consider documentation changes on project
processone/ ?