Add logger macro to help troubleshooting Elixir tests

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@ -34,3 +34,10 @@
-define(CRITICAL_MSG(Format, Args),
lager:critical(Format, Args)).
%% Use only when trying to troubleshoot test problem with ExUnit
-define(EXUNIT_LOG(Format, Args),
case lists:keyfind(logger, 1, application:loaded_applications()) of
false -> ok;
_ -> 'Elixir.Logger':bare_log(error, io_lib:format(Format, Args), [?MODULE])

test/ Normal file
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# Elixir unit tests
## Running Elixir unit tests
You can run Elixir unit tests with command:
make quicktest
You need to have ejabberd compile with Elixir and tools enabled.
## Troubleshooting test
To help with troubleshooting Elixir tests, we have added a special macro in ejabberd `logger.hrl` include file: ?EXUNIT_LOG
To use this, in test file:
1. in `setup_all, add:
2. Enable log capture for the test you want to analyse by adding
`capture_log` tag before test implementation:
@tag capture_log: true
In the ejabberd code, if `logger.hrl` is included, you can code adds a
?EXUNIT_LOG("My debug log:~p ~p", [Arg1, Arg2])