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Release Notes
ejabberd 2.1.6
ejabberd 2.1.6 is the sixth release in ejabberd 2.1.x branch,
and includes a lot of bugfixes and improvements.
Read more details about the changes in:
Download the source code and installers from:
Some of the changes are:
* Account register
- mod_register: New ip_access option restricts which IPs can register (EJAB-915)
- mod_register: Default configuration allows registrations only from localhost
- mod_register: New password_strength for entropy check (EJAB-1326)
- mod_register: New captcha_protected option to require CAPTCHA (EJAB-1262)
- mod_register_web: New module, with CAPTCHA support (EJAB-471)
- Don't loop when there is nothing after a stream start (EJAB-1358)
- Fix http-bind supervisor to support multiple vhosts (EJAB-1321)
- Support to restart http-bind (EJAB-1318)
- Support for X-Forwarded-For HTTP header (EJAB-1356)
* Erlang/OTP compatibility
- R11: Fix detection of Erlang R11 and older (EJAB-1287)
- R12B5: Fix compatibility in ejabberd_http_bind.erl (EJAB-1343)
- R14A: Make xml.c correctly compile (EJAB-1288)
- R14A, R14B: Disapprove the use of R14A and R14B due to the rwlock bug
- R14B: Use pg2 from this version in systems with older ones (EJAB-1349)
* Listeners
- Bind listener ports early and start accepting connections later
- Fix a leak of ejabberd_receiver processes
- Speed up ejabberd_s2s:is_service/2, allow_host/2 (EJAB-1319)
- S2S: New option to require encryption (EJAB-495)
- S2S: New option to reject connection if untrusted certificate (EJAB-464)
- S2S: Include From attribute in the stream header of outgoing S2S connections
- S2S: Fix domain_certfile tlsopts modifications for S2S connections (EJAB-1086)
* Pubsub/PEP/Caps
- Fix pubsub cross domain eventing (EJAB-1340)
- Use one_queue IQ discipline by default
- Implement lifetime for broken hashes
- New CAPS processing
- Increase maximum restart strategy to handle some SQL timeouts
- Support PostgreSQL 9.0 (EJAB-1359)
- Use MEDIUMTEXT type for vcard avatars in MySQL schema (EJAB-1252)
* Miscellanea:
- mod_shared_roster_ldap: New Shared Roster Groups using LDAP information
- mod_privacy: Fix to allow block by group and subscription again
- Support timezone West of UTC (EJAB-1301)
- Support to change loglevel per module at runtime (EJAB-225)
Bug reports
You can officially report bugs on ProcessOne support site: