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# Version 20.12
- Add support for `SCRAM-SHA-{256,512}-{PLUS}` authentication
- Don't use same value in cache for user don't exist and wrong password
- outgoing_s2s_ipv*_address: New options to set ipv4/ipv6 outbound s2s out interface
- s2s_send_packet: this hook now filters outgoing s2s stanzas
- start_room: new hook runs when a room process is started
- check_decoded_jwt: new hook to check decoded JWT after success authentication
* Admin
- Docker: Fix DB initialization
- New sql_odbc_driver option: choose the mssql ODBC driver
- Rebar3: Fully supported. Enable with ./configure --with-rebar=/path/to/rebar3
- systemd: start ejabberd in foreground
* Modules:
- MAM: Make sure that jid used as base in mam xml_compress is bare
- MAM: Support for MAM Flipped Pages
- MUC: Always show MucSub subscribers nicks
- MUC: Don't forget not-persistent rooms in load_permanent_rooms
- MUC Admin: Better error reporting
- MUC Admin: Fix commands with hibernated rooms
- MUC Admin: Many improvements in rooms_unused_list/destroy
- MUC Admin: create_room_with_opts Store options only if room starts
- Pubsub: Remove 'dag' node plugin documentation
- Push: Fix API call return type on error
- Push: Support cache config changes on reload
- Register: Allow for account-removal-only setup again
- Roster: Make roster subscriptions work better with invalid roster state in db
- Vcard: Fix vCard search by User when using Mnesia
- WebAdmin: Allow vhost admins to view WebAdmin menus
- WebAdmin: Don't do double utf-8 conversion on translated strings
- WebAdmin: Mark dangerous buttons with CSS
- WebSocket: Make websocket send put back pressure on c2s process
# Version 20.07
* Changes in this version