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Release Notes
ejabberd 2.1.2
ejabberd 2.1.2 is the second bugfix release in ejabberd 2.1.x branch.
ejabberd 2.1.2 includes several bugfixes.
More details of those fixes can be retrieved from:
The new code can be downloaded from ejabberd download page:
The major changes are:
* Core
- Close sessions that were half connected
- Fix SASL PLAIN authentication message for RFC4616 compliance
- Fix support for old Erlang/OTP R10 and R11
- Return proper error (not 'conflict') when register is forbidden by ACL
- When ejabberd stops, send stream close to clients
* ejabberdctl
- Check for EGID in ejabberdctl command
- Command to stop ejabberd informing users, with grace period
- If there's a problem in config file, display config lines and stop node
- Kick occupants with reason when room is stopped due to MUC shutdown
- Write in room log when a room is created, destroyed, started, stopped
* PubSub and PEP
- Don't call gen_server on internal event (improves performance and scalability)
- Fix duplicate SHIM header in Pubsub message
- Notification messages of Pubsub node config change contained a SHIM header
- SubID SHIM header missing in Pubsub message with multiple
subscriptions on the same node
- PEP: last published item not sent from unavailable users when the
subscription is implicit (XEP-0115)
- pep_mapping not working due to Node type mismatch
* WebAdmin
- If big offline message queue, show only subset on WebAdmin
- Support in user list page of WebAdmin when mod_offline is disabled
Bug reports
You can officially report bugs on ProcessOne support site: