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# Version 20.03
* Changes in this version
- Add support of ssl connection when connection to mysql
database (configured with `sql_ssl: true` option)
- Experimental support for cockroachdb when configured
with postgres connector
- Add cache and optimize queries issued by `mod_shared_roster`,
this should greatly improve performance of this module when
used with `sql` backend
- Fix problem with accessing webadmin
- Make webadmin work even when url is missing trailing slash
- When compiling external modules with ext_mod, use flags
that were detected during compilation of ejabberd
- Make config changed to ldap options be updated when issued
`reload_config` command
- Fix `room_empty_destory` command
- Fix reporting errors in `send_stanza` command when xml
passed to it couldn't be passed correctly
# Version 20.02
* Changes in this version