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Jerome Sautret
fad0d867fc Add xref Makefile target.
2014-10-30 15:21:25 +01:00
Christophe Romain
646b445515 allow guide not to be compiled for install 2014-09-05 19:16:13 +04:00
Christophe Romain
870d822f08 old release notes are not installed anymore 2014-07-21 17:58:14 +02:00
Christophe Romain
123b01aaa0 don't stop make install if epam is not compiled 2014-05-25 13:02:25 +02:00
Christophe Romain
572938aa49 install epam binary when available 2014-05-25 02:31:28 +02:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
0fe3de6b30 Fix ejabberdctl config name 2013-08-24 22:10:10 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
91a74e3e27 Change configuration file format to YAML 2013-08-21 22:17:59 +10:00
Christopher A. Stelma
2d43b035d7 make deps/.built depend on deps/.got
fixes race condition when running make with simultaneous jobs
2013-07-15 10:52:34 -07:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
9094169440 Do not forget to remove testing beams on "clean" 2013-06-27 15:36:39 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
9e73bdbb7d Check exit codes carefully when running dialyzer 2013-06-24 20:59:13 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
1014593aa6 Split dialyzer tasks into separate Makefile targets 2013-06-24 13:16:34 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
e68473fea8 Improve the "dialyzer" target 2013-06-24 10:49:13 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
4f8bb4f918 Add tests for modules using MySQL/PostgreSQL 2013-06-19 20:12:15 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
7b870f5a30 Better DLL location detection when executing make install 2013-06-19 10:41:06 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
1ea5614209 Some deps have their DLLs in "priv" directory (not "priv/lib").
Do not forget to `install` them as well.
2013-06-18 23:15:06 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
7fa9def24c Re-generate XMPP codec, decrease tests verbosity 2013-06-18 04:05:01 +10:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
7b96d8cc24 Test suite cleanup.
* Split test cases in groups.
* Increase a loglevel of common_test framework.
2013-06-17 16:04:54 +03:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov
4d8f770624 Switch to rebar build tool
Use dynamic Rebar configuration
Make iconv dependency optional
Disable transient_supervisors compile option
Add hipe compilation support
Only compile ibrowse and lhttpc when needed
Make it possible to generate an OTP application release
Add --enable-debug compile option
Add --enable-all compiler option
Add --enable-tools configure option
Add --with-erlang configure option.
Add --enable-erlang-version-check configure option.
Add lager support
Improve the test suite
2013-06-13 11:11:02 +02:00