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Christophe Romain
cbe6553baa Refactor ejabberdctl 2017-05-31 18:11:45 +02:00
Johan Oudinet
404a7c3381 Remove bashismes from ejabberdctl
To avoid unecessary extra quoting, do not call commands with sh -c ''
and use the -- option from su to supply arguments.

Parse command line parameters is a bit tricky as the previous behavior
allows to mix options to ejabberdctl with unknown options given to
the next script (usually, the ctl). This is solved by relying on the
fact that for loop saves its argument, so we can flush its content
with set -- and re-add unknown options with set -- "$@" "$arg".

Finally, remove unecessary quotes in mnesia options and in the ping
2016-11-21 15:25:58 +01:00
Christophe Romain
0b438d09d1 Fix typo from d8bb5d9c 2016-06-23 17:31:32 +02:00
Christophe Romain
6f2b0179e7 Give more time to stop and kill epmd (#882) 2016-06-17 17:09:45 +02:00
Holger Weiss
b202004862 ejabberdctl: Fix path to epmd 2016-05-01 21:29:59 +02:00
Christophe Romain
d8bb5d9c01 Force ERL_PATH for elixir 2016-04-27 12:32:01 +02:00
Christophe Romain
b79aef3bbc SCRIPT_DIR needed for release 2016-04-25 15:26:23 +02:00
Christophe Romain
bae24464d3 Remove useless variable and quote EPMD and SPOOL_DIR 2016-04-25 14:26:04 +02:00
Christophe Romain
8487b51ecd Fix node ping command 2016-04-21 12:16:21 +02:00
Christophe Romain
f7d4aae64d Use UUID for ctl node name (#1021) 2016-04-21 12:00:51 +02:00
Christophe Romain
df4c551f06 Specify lacking nodename (thanks to hamano)(#1020) 2016-03-24 10:21:51 +01:00
Christophe Romain
939bb244e1 Extend scope of ejabberdctl ping 2016-03-18 11:08:30 +01:00
Christophe Romain
f19a54e9a1 Escape quoting node name for ejabberdctl ping 2016-03-18 10:22:11 +01:00
Paweł Chmielowski
842d52352a Fix escaping of argument in iexlive and iexdebug 2016-03-09 14:26:28 +01:00
Paweł Chmielowski
d40a091eda Another fix for \n in ejabberdctl arguments 2016-02-15 15:21:27 +01:00
Paweł Chmielowski
47a67c7320 Allow to pass \n in argument to ejabberdctl 2016-02-12 23:38:39 +01:00
Holger Weiss
0125870f92 Merge remote-tracking branch 'processone/pr/907'
* processone/pr/907:
  don't escape ERL_OPTIONS
2016-01-17 00:08:30 +01:00
HAMANO Tsukasa
b244bce49c don't escape ERL_OPTIONS 2016-01-15 00:30:40 +09:00
Paweł Chmielowski
98bad73d56 Improve escaping of arguments passed to ejabberdctl
This fixes issue #804
2016-01-04 12:13:18 +01:00
Holger Weiss
fc013442bb ejabberdctl: Call erl without -pa argument
The path to ejabberd's ebin directories is now specified by setting the
ERL_LIBS variable.
2016-01-03 23:35:41 +01:00
Paweł Chmielowski
7a69dab596 Add ability to disable timeout for ejabberdctl command 2015-12-08 11:25:26 +01:00
Christophe Romain
4480749a52 Merge branch 'cluster_fix' 2015-11-20 14:52:36 +01:00
Christophe Romain
67a70b9107 Integrate join/leave cluster as ejabberd command 2015-11-20 10:39:27 +01:00
Arno B
bee767158d feat(ejabberdctl): Foreground option for docker
Docker needs services to run in foreground.
2015-10-29 19:39:21 +01:00
Holger Weiss
788049be7b ejabberdctl: export CONTRIB_MODULES_CONF_DIR 2015-10-26 22:42:07 +01:00
Paweł Chmielowski
70606667c6 Use OTP directory structure for 'make install' 2015-10-15 15:08:45 +02:00
Christophe Romain
1578f17eff Remove obsolete sasl init 2015-10-12 10:41:07 +02:00
Johan Oudinet
c360326cdb Allow root to run join_cluster and leave_cluster
Prefix the call to joincluster and leavecluster in ejabberdctl by
$EXEC_CMD. Avoid using sh -c in these scripts.

Should fix #676.
2015-09-22 17:07:39 +02:00
Holger Weiss
6d16029716 Let ejabberdctl handle more shell metacharacters
Closes #704.
2015-08-15 17:01:47 +02:00
Christophe Romain
4dc23a5d81 Allow several ';' passed in commands (#599) 2015-06-18 14:59:00 +02:00
Christophe Romain
3c47a5bb75 Allow password with ';' passed in ejabberdctl (#599) 2015-06-17 08:59:09 +02:00
Christophe Romain
90225a4744 Minor cosmetic changes and add ping command 2015-05-22 17:28:40 +02:00
be6ac85f31 A few more... Fix epmd not in PATH (#484)(thanks to acediac) 2015-05-22 10:40:24 +02:00
Holger Weiss
555c1736b7 Revert "Fix EJABBERD_OPTS quoting for Elixir"
This reverts commit 2a15453d98.

The commit broke the case where 'log_rotate_date' is set to "$D0", for
2015-05-18 00:48:56 +02:00
Christophe Romain
09f5565ca0 Merge pull request #503 from weiss/fix-quoting-for-elixir
Fix EJABBERD_OPTS quoting for Elixir
2015-05-13 15:46:40 +02:00
Johan Oudinet
bd43385415 ejabberdctl: define mnesia options
In addition to factorize how the mnesia dir option is given to erl
commands, it allows one to set extra mnesia options via the
MNESIA_OPTIONS environment variable.
2015-04-27 17:25:07 +02:00
Christophe Romain
8f46ca48c1 export CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH (thanks to sezuan)(#489) 2015-03-24 16:00:56 +01:00
Christophe Romain
7976d3eb48 Fix epmd not in PATH (#484) 2015-03-18 22:26:06 +01:00
Holger Weiss
9bd47fde35 ejabberdctl: Escape whitespace in ERL_OPTIONS
If ERL_OPTIONS="-opt arg" is specified, make sure the space character
between "-opt" and "arg" is retained.

Fixes #143.
2015-03-13 11:40:23 +01:00
Christophe Romain
6093dedb65 Extra arguments to cluster scripts are not mandatory 2015-03-13 09:56:51 +01:00
Christophe Romain
85a478f7d1 Remove trailing space to get correct arguments
This allows to remove any argument to joincluster/leavecluster scripts
when no parameters has been added after the ctl command.
2015-03-13 09:47:12 +01:00
Holger Weiss
6447aeb726 Replace bashism in ejabberdctl 2015-03-12 19:29:41 +01:00
Christophe Romain
8cf4ef0aac add mnesia cluster helper scripts 2015-03-06 15:42:41 +01:00
Holger Weiss
2a15453d98 Fix EJABBERD_OPTS quoting for Elixir 2015-02-24 23:59:39 +01:00
Mickaël Rémond
01e1f677c7 Add Elixir support to ejabberd 2015-02-10 17:56:44 +01:00
Holger Weiss
3e232952ea ejabberdctl: Omit su(1)'s "-p" flag
On Linux, su(1)'s "-p" flag makes sure the following environment
variables are preserved: $HOME, $SHELL, $USER, and $LOGNAME.  The flag
isn't portable, and since we don't set HOME=$SPOOLDIR anymore, there's
no reason to preserve these variables anyway.

Without "-p", we also don't need to set HOME=$INSTALLUSER_HOME, as su(1)
now does that for us.
2014-07-27 11:21:55 +02:00
Holger Weiss
9c279f2e06 ejabberdctl: Remove outdated comment
The home directory is no longer set to $SPOOL_DIR.
2014-07-24 17:20:09 +02:00
Holger Weiss
46f01b962a ejabberdctl: Create home directory as root
If the $INSTALLUSER is not root, he will usually not have the necessary
permissions to create his home directory.
2014-07-24 17:16:47 +02:00
Holger Weiss
43000d9ce4 ejabberdctl: Use $INSTALLUSER's home directory
Make sure ejabberdctl uses the $INSTALLUSER's .erlang.cookie file even
if the script was executed by root.
2014-07-24 15:25:28 +02:00
Christophe Romain
40ef406ec7 remove bash dependency, fix EJABBERD_OPTS use 2014-07-21 15:25:16 +02:00