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Badlop 64c09c20eb Hide false-positive warnings about mod_delegation Type atom and NS binary 3 years ago
Evgeny Khramtsov 35576b4608 Improve hooks validator and fix bugs related to hooks registration 4 years ago
Evgeny Khramtsov ea76b87461 Ignore beams compiled by Elixir 4 years ago
Evgeny Khramtsov a02cff0e78 Use new configuration validator 4 years ago
Evgeny Khramtsov 7c16e29984 Write hooks_type_test.erl to correct location 4 years ago
Evgeny Khramtsov 7a03a125aa Make static hooks analyzer working again 4 years ago
Evgeniy Khramtsov 66fc1bf3b6 Remove 'iqdisc' option
Since we got rid of all bottle-neck processes and we have
a connection pool for every database, the option is no longer
needed and in fact is detrimental: in practice what you get
is just a bunch of overloaded processes in the IQ handlers pool
no matter how much you increase the `iqdisc` value.

Given that there are close to zero operators understanding
the meaning of the option and, hence, not using it all,
it's not simply deprecated but completely removed.

The commit also deprecates the following functions:
- gen_iq_handler:add_iq_handler/6
- gen_iq_handler:handle/5
- gen_iq_handler:iqdisc/1
5 years ago
Evgeniy Khramtsov 6658806820 Generate more readable code for run_fold hooks 6 years ago
Holger Weiss c76253cb0a tools/ Search for escript in PATH 6 years ago
Evgeniy Khramtsov 1176e1f096 Add script to check hook dependencies 6 years ago