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Mickaël Rémond 9e1973a238
Update 2020-02-18 08:53:56 +01:00
Evgeny Khramtsov e3962aea6e Use lager on OTP<22.0
This also lowers Erlang/OTP minimum version requirement back to 19.3
2019-10-25 11:44:04 +03:00
Evgeny Khramtsov e4a8afb15d Replace lager with built-in new logging API
This change requires Erlang/OTP-21.0 or higher.
The commit also deprecates the following options:
  - log_rotate_date
  - log_rate_limit

Furthermore, these options have no effect. The logger now fully
relies on log_rotate_size, that cannot be 0 anymore.

The loglevel option now accepts levels in literal formats.
Those are: none, emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, debug.
Old integer values (0-5) are still supported and automatically converted
into literal format.
2019-10-18 19:12:32 +03:00
Holger Weiss d8433d1644 Clean up wording
The `gsfonts` package name is specific to some Linux distributions, so
just mention the dependency on "Ghostscript fonts".
2019-09-12 12:22:30 +02:00
ThUnD3r|Gr33n 4a9b1e94f3
Added gsfonts for captcha
This is needed to show Captcha .if not Captcha would be empty
2019-08-18 11:19:09 +02:00
Holger Weiss 93cebbf4a3 Document required Erlang/OTP version bump 2019-02-28 01:08:52 +01:00
Paul Menzel b3dfe35846 README: Strip trailing space 2018-12-12 14:10:53 +01:00
Mickael Remond 41a24a8f8e
Markdown version is the main README version 2018-11-19 10:39:54 +01:00
Holger Weiss 375a1dd759 Convert README to Markdown
Use Markdown syntax for the README file and add a symlink, so
that a certain popular Git hosting site renders it nicely.
2014-04-29 23:54:14 +02:00