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Paweł Chmielowski 23beaa9fad Update mix dependencies 2020-07-30 17:57:52 +02:00
Jerome Sautret 839229b5f0 Check if TERM is set before running a remote debug shell 2020-07-30 10:33:38 +02:00
Jérôme Sautret b89b0f140a
Merge pull request #3346 from processone/ejabberd-3343
Allow passing Erlang VM args through vm.args config file
2020-07-30 10:31:12 +02:00
Mickael Remond 09454e1658
Allow passing Erlang VM args through vm.args config file
This can be used to define the Erlang cookie in a place that feels less foreign to
non Erlang users.

Fixes #3343
2020-07-29 17:35:59 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 828c0ad1e0 Update deps 2020-07-28 14:38:34 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 87bbd9cb02 Update stun 2020-07-28 14:04:00 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 70507a694c Update changelog 2020-07-28 13:25:27 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 1b168e7d5c Add support for unix socket in listeners
To use it you just need to set port value to "unix:/path/to/socket"
2020-07-28 12:19:30 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski d5935fd1ad Don't log http errors when socket get closed after processing one request 2020-07-28 12:19:30 +02:00
Badlop 2bcd2c38a9 No need to check for Erlang 17, as 19 is the lowest supported anyway
This rollsback the conditional introduced years ago in c2753cd51c
2020-07-28 11:28:04 +02:00
Badlop 042cddb768 Elixir was required for quicktest, that was removed in 2018 51cbbf313 2020-07-28 11:26:41 +02:00
Badlop e0b7fd72af Update Stun to 1.0.36, and Esip too 2020-07-28 11:25:43 +02:00
Badlop 9c5e4454e4 Sort dependencies and improve some indentation 2020-07-22 18:03:28 +02:00
Badlop 7fe0b8d274 Revert "Modify ERL_LDFLAGS of deps when compiling on R23 on rebar2"
This reverts commit 21312c79aa.
2020-07-22 10:08:14 +02:00
Badlop 90ca689123 Update dependencies, they now compile with Erlang/OTP 23.0 natively 2020-07-22 10:06:06 +02:00
Badlop db2825342c Revert "Dirty workarounds to compile jiffy with Erlang/OTP 23 (#3282)"
This reverts commit 2ca5712507.
2020-07-15 12:12:42 +02:00
Badlop bc1de531cc Update jiffy to 1.0.5 which supports Erlang/OTP 23 2020-07-15 12:12:39 +02:00
Badlop 2ea5f7856c In fact misc:try_url/1 is not used anymore 2020-07-15 11:41:51 +02:00
Badlop e5b66aadaf Fix try_url/1 parsing of uri_parse result format, reported by Dialyzer 2020-07-14 12:21:37 +02:00
Holger Weiss cff7c4c100 Update 'stun' dependency to tagged version 2020-07-11 17:53:33 +02:00
Holger Weiss e30592c050 mod_stun_disco: Fix function specification 2020-07-11 17:51:20 +02:00
Badlop ff92dab49e Parse also ServerHost in create_room* commands (#3326) 2020-07-10 13:06:05 +02:00
Badlop f652f8c8d6 Fix crash when creating new MUC log file in non-ASCII lang (#3324) 2020-07-10 12:03:12 +02:00
Badlop 80a502782b Use the same leading sentence than other sections 2020-07-06 16:39:15 +02:00
Holger Weiss 3bf7fbc117 ejabberd_stun: Filter info/debug messages
Update 'stun' dependency, and drop the info/debug messages now logged by
the 'stun' application if OTP's new logging API is used.
2020-07-01 21:53:22 +02:00
Badlop 0ff5b44d15 Fix YAML syntax in example configuration (#3301) 2020-06-25 12:39:44 +02:00
Badlop 61926a44be Subscriber should not send message to moderated room (#3222) 2020-06-24 13:17:04 +02:00
Holger Weiss ec5f369d9d ejabberd_logger: Avoid excessive stat calls
By default, the logger_std_h module shipped with OTP 21.0 and newer
reads the log file information prior to each and every write operation.
This is done to play well with external log rotation tools.

In order to minimize the performance penalty in situations where the log
file is flooded, configure logger_std_h to skip reading the file
information as long as no more than one second has passed since it was
last read.
2020-06-23 21:27:12 +02:00
Holger Weiss dbebcd08c7 Add line breaks after feature titles 2020-06-23 00:31:22 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 768460b518 Correctly handle user_regexp acl rules with not matching host
This should fix issue reported in issue 3304
2020-06-22 10:24:10 +02:00
Holger Weiss 515dfc002b mod_stun_disco: Fix wording of log message 2020-06-19 18:04:26 +02:00
Badlop 16645a3c0a Document that only ejabberdctl can join and leave a local node (#3049) 2020-06-09 13:23:17 +02:00
Badlop 38949bdeea Update example config to include mod_http_upload custom headers (#3288) 2020-06-09 13:08:05 +02:00
Badlop 5f3457dbd6 Add default values so Travis config validation stops warning 2020-06-08 15:27:37 +02:00
Badlop b9108c4650 Travis renamed redis-server to redis apparently 2020-06-08 15:27:28 +02:00
Badlop a54c667c80 Remove old Regexp, the new Re is available since Erlang/OTP R12B-4 2020-06-08 15:27:27 +02:00
Badlop bcd2cd7e93 Remove comment about Erlang/OTP older than R14, as we require 19.3 nowadays 2020-06-08 15:27:25 +02:00
Badlop 337ba42953 Get back some commented specs that required Erlang R12 2020-06-08 15:27:23 +02:00
Badlop 4f5c00a83d Option route_subdomains was deprecated and useless a year ago in ffe1c722 2020-06-08 15:27:18 +02:00
Holger Weiss c6bbdafe92 Update 'yconf' dependency to fix Erlang/OTP 19.x 2020-06-05 20:24:17 +02:00
Badlop f2e81ed2a0 When updating group in cache, first delete so insert succeeds (#3296) 2020-06-05 19:34:00 +02:00
Badlop 7efc208b9e Handle ets_cache return value in shared roster get_group_opts (#3296) 2020-06-05 19:33:52 +02:00
Holger Weiss 266691f929 Update 'yconf' dependency
Fixes #3295.
2020-06-05 17:02:06 +02:00
Paweł Chmielowski 482917348b Update deps 2020-06-03 13:43:10 +02:00
Holger Weiss 945a5cd09c misc: Don't crash on URLs without port number
Let misc:uri_parse/1 return default HTTP(S) port number if the URL
doesn't specify a port number, analogous to the behavior when
USE_OLD_HTTP_URI is defined.
2020-06-03 12:22:14 +02:00
Holger Weiss 9ea51d3295 misc: Make sure uri_parse/1 returns strings
The uri_string:parse/1 function returns the URI elements as strings or
as binaries depending on the input.  Make sure misc:uri_parse/1 returns
strings in both cases, analogous to the behavior when USE_OLD_HTTP_URI
is defined.
2020-06-03 12:02:29 +02:00
Holger Weiss 77308e6aff Merge remote-tracking branch 'processone/pr/3294'
* processone/pr/3294:
  Update example config
2020-06-03 09:41:24 +02:00
Licaon_Kter b0c6caa60e
Update example config 2020-06-03 07:19:02 +00:00
Holger Weiss 3cfc5c9633 Update 'turn_ip' option name in test configuration
Thanks to Badlop for spotting this.
2020-06-03 06:13:43 +02:00
Holger Weiss cd336369a5 mod_stream_mgmt: Don't kill new PID on resumption
During XEP-0198 resumption, the ejabberd_c2s process that handles the
new connection reopens the ejabberd_sm session of the old one.  Since
commit b4770815c0, the new process adds
the new session table entry before the old process removes the old one.
While adding the new one, ejabberd_sm checks for old sessions to
replace.  This check assumes old SIDs compare lower than new ones.  This
assumption didn't necessarily hold for the session resumption case,
where the old SID's timestamp was copied over to the new SID and only
the PID was updated.  Therefore, the new process was killed if the new
PID happened to be smaller than the old one.

Fix this by having mod_stream_mgmt use its own SM-ID rather than copying
over the old SID's timestamp to the new SID.

Thanks to Thilo Molitor and Friedrich Altheide for reporting the issue,
and to Thomas Leister for his help with debugging it.
2020-06-01 21:33:55 +02:00