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Badlop 548be4cf3d Update example extauth script with tryregister, removeuser and removeuser3 (EJAB-641) 13 years ago
Badlop 9476d8a2c3 Optionally cache extauth users in mnesia (EJAB-641) 13 years ago
Mickaël Rémond f250ee9de6 * examples/extauth/ Fixed external
authentication example script (EJAB-404)

SVN Revision: 973
16 years ago
Mickaël Rémond 036887f082 * examples/extauth/ Perl is generally available
as a default in most Linux distributions.

SVN Revision: 915
16 years ago
Alexey Shchepin 6cd02b9714 * examples/extauth/ A reference "null"

19 years ago