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Paweł Chmielowski 991d52f019 Fix error reporting in 'make options' on OTP24+ 2 months ago
.. "sort -R" command not POSIX, added "shuf" and "cat" as fallback 1 year ago In POSIX sh, RANDOM is undefined: use always the other method 8 months ago Add helper to check xep implementations and versions 3 years ago
ejabberdctl.bc Support the recent changes in the "ejabberdctl help" command (#3569) 1 year ago Extract translatable strings also from the xmpp library 2 years ago Hide false-positive warnings about mod_delegation Type atom and NS binary 2 years ago Add unit test script for http-bind service (thanks to Stefan Strigler) 13 years ago
make-binaries make-binaries: Include CAPTCHA script with release 2 months ago
make-installers make-installers: Support non-root installation 3 months ago
make-packages make-packages: Include systemd unit with RPM 3 months ago Fix error reporting in 'make options' on OTP24+ 2 months ago Improve support for rebar3 in "make translations" 1 year ago Fix typos 7 months ago
xml_compress_gen.erl Update copyright year to 2022 6 months ago