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Alexey Shchepin 36dfc9b056 * contrib/extract_translations/: A tool for extracting of
translation strings from ejabberd code (thanks to Sergei Golovan)

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extract_translations - auxiliary tool that extracts lines to be translated
from ejabberd source tree.
erlc extract_translations.erl
Invoking 1:
erl -noinput -s extract_translations -extra dirname message_file
where dirname is src dir of ejabberd source tree, message_file is a file
with translated messages (src/msgs/*.msg).
Result is a list of messages from source files which aren't contained in
message file.
Invoking 2:
erl -noinput -s extract_translations -extra -unused dirname message_file
Result is a list of messages from message file which aren't in source
files anymore.