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Badlop 32ed7d6c46
Rename pseudo-branch ejabberd-1.1.4 to ejabberd-1.1.x
13 years ago
contrib/extract_translations * src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan) 17 years ago
doc * doc/release_notes_1.1.4.txt: Updated for release. 16 years ago
examples * examples/extauth/ Perl is generally available as a default in most Linux distributions. 16 years ago
src * src/shaper.erl: Bugfix (EJAB-350) 16 years ago
tools * tools/ejabberdctl: Added call to "exec" (thanks to Sergei 19 years ago
COPYING * src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze) 19 years ago
ChangeLog * src/shaper.erl: Bugfix (EJAB-350) 16 years ago
TODO * src/xml_stream.erl: Added catching of gen_fsm:send_event errors 17 years ago