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Mickaël Rémond db957c4295 * src/mod_offline.erl: Returns an error message to sender when
message is discarded due to quota (EJAB-314).

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2007-08-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Returns an error message to sender when
message is discarded due to quota (EJAB-314).
2007-08-12 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: UTF-8 support for MySQL5 (EJAB-318).
2007-08-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Minor update (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2007-08-08 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Only count messages if a quota has been
actually set (EJAB-314).
* src/p1_mnesia.erl: Minor coding style change.
2007-08-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Started implementation of mod_offline
quota. For now, it require change in code. Will be turn into a
config file parameter soon. (EJAB-314).
* src/p1_mnesia.erl: Added memory efficient record count in
2007-08-03 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_announce.erl: Added support to all the announce features
described in documentation. Access to all announce features
through command line, adhoc commands and disco (Thanks to
Badlop) (EJAB-18).
* src/gen_mod.erl: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2007-08-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added default_room_options option
(thanks to Etan Reisner and Badlop)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2007-08-01 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Front page table formatting that render correctly
in HTML and update mentionning CEAN as a way to install
ejabberd (Thanks to Badlop) (EJAB-272).
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Avoid bouncing messages twice if
terminate happens during open_socket.
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: On terminate, bounce internal process
queue and Erlang message queue.
* src/mod_private.erl: Reduce memory consumption on user private
storage removal (EJAB-299).
2007-07-31 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/xml.erl: Making use of CDATA escaping optional through with
a compile time option (EJAB-298).
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* src/configure.ac: Likewise.
2007-07-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_version.erl: Added option to hide OS version (thanks to
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/msgs/zh.msg: Updated (thanks to Shelley Shyan)
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/msgs/gl.msg: New galician translation (thanks to
Carlos E. Lopez)
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Added possibility for appending values
to config options (thanks to Badlop)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2007-07-30 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/xml.erl: Better escaping management with CDATA. We only add
CDATA enclosure when needed. CDATA end token is properly escaped.
* src/xml.erl: Only wrap xmldata nodes in xml cdata "tag" if
bigger than 50 bytes. Shorter xmlcdata nodes will be escaped.
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Sends the entire certificate chain (EJAB-209).
* src/acl.erl: Remove compilation warnings (EJAB-290).
* src/xml_stream.erl: Group CDATA on a single xmlcdata
node (splitting is not relevant as dependant on TCP/IP packet
fragmentation) (EJAB-292).
* src/xml.erl: Remove compilation warnings (EJAB-290).
* src/xml.erl: Do not crypt binary CData, but enclose the value in
XML CDATA "tag".
* src/xml.erl: Code clean-up: removed old code in comments.
2007-07-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Better error management when bad JID in
roster table (EJAB-289).
2007-07-26 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Code clean-up.
* src/mod_offline.erl: Code clean-up.
* src/gen_mod.erl: Throw error more cleanly.
* src/mod_configure.erl: One ACL call was not virtual host
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Fixed wrong call preventing user
removal with relational databases.
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Adapted to mod_privacy changes.
* src/mod_privacy_odbc.erl: Refactoring to extract records in
include file.
* src/mod_last.erl: Adapted to mod_privacy changes.
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Refactoring to extract records in include
* src/mod_privacy.hrl: Likewise.
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Fixed wrong call.
2007-07-24 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Added recommandations on max_stanza options
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Autodisconnect s2s connections which
are overloaded (EJAB-287).
* src/p1_fsm.erl: Likewise.
2007-07-19 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Add s2s whitelist / blacklist support
on incoming s2s connections (EJAB-283)
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
2007-07-18 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Fixed typos.
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Implements s2s hosts whitelist / blacklist
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Make s2s connections more robust
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
2007-07-17 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_configure.erl: Bugfix: Show only virtual host users
on admin disco for all users (EJAB-268) (Thanks to Badlop).
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Recognise more URI schemes in
logged HTML (EJAB-279) (Thanks to qu1j0t3).
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Improved place of the INFO /
DEBUG printout.
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Better error handling for MySQL
native driver (EJAB-224).
2007-07-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Added remove_connection/3
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bugfix: remove only own s2s record
2007-07-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bounce packets after unregistering s2s
connection, not before
2007-07-11 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_echo.erl: mod_echo does not reply to other
components. This is to make sure that a component will not
discover its own capabilities (Thanks to Badlop) (EJAB-281).
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: disable mod_echo in the example config
file. mod_echo is mainly a development/test module.
2007-07-09 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Nickname cannot be null in rosterusers table
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Likewise
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Likewise
2007-06-29 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Normalize hostnames in config file. If mixed
case is used, the hostname will be now useable (EJAB-277).
* src/stringprep/stringprep_sup.erl: Likewise
* src/stringprep/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/stringprep/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Likewise
2007-06-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_anonymous.erl: Do not purge non anonymous accounts
when using anonymous authentication with another type of auth.
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Added an option to disable from attribute
checks in packets coming from an external component (EJAB-275)
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Documentation rework started (EJAB-272)
* doc/introduction.tex: Likewise
2007-06-28 Christophe Romain <christophe.romain@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: corrects (EJAB-273),
remove obsolete OnlineUsers calculation
2007-06-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Include <body/> in MUC invitations
for older clients (thanks to Michael Scherer)
2007-06-25 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Typos
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: New anti-abuse options:
min_presence_interval and min_message_interval
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Documentation improvements on watchdog
* doc/guide.tex: No need to escape underscore in Latex verbatim
* doc/guide.tex: Watchdog alert documentation
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
2007-06-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Added an option for default IRC
encoding (thanks to Badlop)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/mod_disco.erl: Don't override accumulated value in
get_local_identity/5 (thanks to Magnus Henoch and Badlop)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added links to server and
virtual host homes (thanks to Badlop)
2007-06-20 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: It is now possible to limit who is
allowed to create persistent MUC rooms (Thanks to Badlop) (EJAB-257)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
2007-06-18 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/odbc_queries.erl: Added missing users_number/1 for MSSQL
2007-06-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Fixed typo
2007-06-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Show IP address of connected
resources on user info page (thanks to Oleg Palij)
2007-06-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Fixed "language" option processing
(thanks to Badlop)
* src/msgs/zh.msg: Updated (thanks to Shelley Shyan)
* src/msgs/ca.msg: New Catalan translation (thanks to Vicent
2007-06-05 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/xml.erl: Add new helper function get_subtag_cdata/2.
2007-05-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Fix for previous commit (thanks to
2007-05-29 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Make service description translatable in
discovery (EJAB-236)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Added Dialyzer target (EJAB-189 - Thanks
to Geoff Cant)
* src/Makefile.in: Build XmppAddr.beam in a single pass
* src/mod_muc/Makefile.in: +debug_info directive support
* src/stringprep/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/web/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/eldap/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_zlib/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_proxy65/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/odbc/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Make services description translatable in
discovery (EJAB-236 - thanks to Badlop)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65_service.erl: Likewise
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Added service description translation
2007-05-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberdctl.template: Updated version of ejabberdctl (thanks
to Christophe Romain)
* tools/ejabberdctl: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Updated
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Updated the session table to store
additional session info
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Report IP address to ejabberd_sm (thanks
to Christophe Romain)
2007-05-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/zh.msg: New chinese translation (thanks to Shelley
2007-05-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Corrected error messages when
trying to join members-only room (thanks to Badlop)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added c2s_update_presence hook
2007-05-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Badlop)
2007-05-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added get_vh_registered_users_number/1
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/odbc/odbc_queries.erl: Added users_number/1 function
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Added an example for
pgsql_users_number_estimate option
* src/mod_stats.erl: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_anonymous.erl: Added anonymous_purge_hook
(thanks to Christophe Romain and Mickael Remond)
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
2007-05-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Bugfix
2007-05-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Workaround for inet_drv bug
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Added sockname/1 and peername/1
* src/web/ejabberd_http.hrl: Added "ip" field in the "request"
record (thanks to Jerome Sautret and Mickael Remond)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Likewise
2007-05-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added set_presence_hook
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added check for existence of incoming
subscription destination
* src/msgs/it.msg: Added italian translation (thanks to Luca
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: More accurate invitation errors
(thanks to Magnus Henoch)
2007-04-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Don't deliver roster items in "None +
Pending In" state
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
2007-04-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_socket.erl: Added API for monitoring socket
* src/ejabberd_frontend_socket.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added socket monitoring
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed the stop reason for the
destroy event
2007-04-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Minor optimisation
* src/ejabberd_system_monitor.erl: Experimental watchdog
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
2007-03-22 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/guide.tex: Fixed typo.
2007-03-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Better behaviour under high load
2007-03-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Don't bounce packets with "error" and
"result" type
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Fixed spelling
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Don't start s2s process for existing
connection in case of race condition
2007-03-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Added shaper_rule option, changed
service connection log message
2007-03-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Add extra info in the log about which
components is connected and which Erlang process is handling
it. This is usefull in context where many types of components are
used (Thanks to Jerome Sautret) (EJAB-211).
2007-03-10 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Support for binaries in ejabberd HTTP
server (Thanks to Massimiliano Mirra) (EJAB-197).
* src/configure.ac: autoconf improvements (thanks to Tony Finch)
* src/aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: ejabberd admin can now choose the
relational database port to use from ejabberd configuration file
* src/doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2007-03-02 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Fix wrong return on check access
2007-03-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
2007-02-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65_sm.erl: Cluster support (thanks to
Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65_stream.erl: Code cleanup (thanks to
Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65.hrl: Fixed typo (thanks to Evgeniy
2007-02-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Init shaper with a default value first
after stream opening
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Log failed SASL login attempts
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Updated API
* src/cyrsasl_plain.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Likewise
2007-02-19 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added an option set affiliations.
* doc/api/*: Added Erlang documentation generation script
* doc/version.tex: Updated.
* src/ejabberd.app: Updated.
* src/odbc/pg.sql: last table, state column cannot be NULL
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: likewise.
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: likewise.
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: prevent anonymous bind on LDAP
servers as ejabberd is providing other anonymous authentication
mechanism (EJAB-190).
* src/cyrsasl_plain.erl: bad-auth error code replaced by
not-authorized (EJAB-187).
* src/aclocal.m4: configure --with-erlang option is now working
(Thanks to Jerome Sautret) (EJAB-186).
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Spam prevention: The default
behaviour is now to use the nofollow rel attributes for links that
are submitted by users (EJAB-185).
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: API improvement: Implementation of
an event to destroy MUC room from an external application (Thanks
to Massimiliano Mirra) (EJAB-184).
2007-02-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Confirm to RFC3920 section 10.3 (thanks to
Jerome Sautret)
2007-02-18 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Node now try to clean its own online room
when restarting (EJAB-182).
2007-02-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Clean online room table on cluster node
2007-02-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Added ldap_local_filter option. This
option provide an optimisation to reduce LDAP directory load when
using attribute-based filters.
2007-02-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added separate version of
element_to_string for HTML encoding
* src/xml.erl: Reverted previous change
2007-02-04 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/xml.erl: &apos; entity replaced by &#39; Should work more
universaly (in HTML and XML).
2007-01-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix (thanks to asdx
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Likewise
2007-01-27 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: LDAP server pool support (thanks to Evgeniy
* src/eldap/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/eldap_pool.erl: Likewise
* src/eldap/eldap_utils.erl: Implemented LDAP domain substitution
* src/eldap/eldap.erl: Implemented queue to avoid bind deadlock under
heavy load (thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/eldap/eldap.hrl: Likewise
2007-01-26 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fixed typos in labels.
2007-01-25 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/eldap/Makefile.win32: fix build error on Windows.
2007-01-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/*: Plugin architecture for HTTP modules (thanks to
Massimiliano Mirra)
2007-01-24 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Documentation for the
domain_balancing_component_number option.
* doc/guide.tex: Documentation for domain balancing.
* doc/guide.tex: mod_muc now supports cluster.
* doc/guide.tex: Updated the max_user_sessions section.
2007-01-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Now mod_muc can be distributed on
several nodes
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Added bare_source and bare_destination
service balancing options and domain_balancing_component_number
option for specifying the number of connected components for the
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
2007-01-11 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Latex / Hevea related improvements for
documentation generation (thanks to Sander Devrieze).
* doc/introduction.tex: Likewise.
* doc/dev.tex: Likewise.
* doc/features.tex: Likewise.
2007-01-08 Christophe Romain <christophe.romain@process-one.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: add presence_based_delivery
cluster support
2007-01-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Remove 'right-to-left override'
unicode character (thanks to Badlop)
2006-12-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bugfix
2006-12-21 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_private_odbc: Bugfix: an internal error was returned
instead of the actual private data. This is now working as expected.
2006-12-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-12-16 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* README: Added this file as a quickstart guide.
2006-12-15 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_echo.erl: The mod_echo can now be stopped without errors.
This is not a major issue, but can mislead other developers learning
from this example and test module (Thanks to Magnus Henoch).
* TODO: Removed. The roadmap is managed on:
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Bugfix: Now display all register commands for a
vhost and not only one (Thanks to Badlop).
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Fixed typo.
2006-12-14 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Added loglevel option. It is now possible to
configure ejabberd dynamic loglevel from the config file.
2006-12-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
2006-12-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Better error handling
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Minor fix
2006-12-04 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_loglevel.erl: Preliminary dynamic loglevel support.
Debug can be enabled with the command "ejabberd_loglevel:set(5)".
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Likewise (More log levels are now supported).
* src/ram_file_io_server.erl: Likewise (Needed to dynamically
recompile the error logger).
2006-12-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Bugfix
2006-11-30 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65_services.erl: We now try to get the
address of the component (if registered in DNS) or otherwise get the
IP of the XMPP domain.
2006-11-29 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Removed useless comments.
2006-11-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_proxy65/mod_proxy65_services.erl: Now using all interfaces as
default value for proxy listen parameter.
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: User login in with negative priority must not
receive offline messages (Thanks to Badlop).
2006-11-24 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fixed regexp ACL configuration examples
(Thanks to Massimiliano Mirra).
* src/muc/mod_muc_room.erl: API improvement. It is now possible
to read and write a room config from a developer module (Thanks
to Massimiliano Mirra).
2006-11-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/eldap/eldap.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: The max_user_sessions option is now
configured via access rule
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
2006-11-20 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Copy mod_private data from Mnesia to
relational database.
* src/odbc/odbc_queries.erl: Refactoring.
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Doc updated to mention mod_private_odbc.
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Started integration of mod_privacy_odbc for
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Likewise.
2006-11-15 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: API improvement: It is now easier to
extract data from the MUC room process.
2006-11-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_node_groups.erl: Support for node tagging
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_frontend_socket.erl: Use node tags to determine
backend nodes
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Added node_type and cluster_nodes
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Establish connections to the nodes from
the cluster_nodes option
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Added balancing method option
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
2006-11-05 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_private_odbc.erl: Support for MySQL and MSSQL.
* src/odbc/odbc_queries.erl: Likewise.
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Likewise.
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Likewise.
2006-11-04 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/eldap_utils.erl: Fixed missing export.
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Database scripts consistency.
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Likewise.
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Likewise.
* src/odbc/mysql: Database creation script should now be compliant
with MySQL 4.0.x.
2006-10-29 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: XEP-0065 proxy documentation (thanks to Evgeniy
2006-10-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Changed the anonymous example a bit to
work in most cases.
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2006-10-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_proxy65/: XEP-0065 proxy (thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Added the ejabberd URL
2006-10-27 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/guide.tex: Fixed typos.
2006-10-25 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_rdbms.erl: It is now possible to use ldap or internal
authentication with some other modules using relationnal database
storage. Refactored relational databases connections initialisation.
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise. odbc supervisor startup is now
delegated to the ejabberd rdbms module.
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Likewise.
2006-10-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_socket.erl: Added sockname/1 and peername/1
* src/ejabberd_frontend_socket.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_zlib/ejabberd_zlib.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_private_odbc.erl: Private storage support using odbc
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Likewise
1999-11-30 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: LDAP authentication now allows to
match on several alternative attributes (thanks to Evgeniy
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Updated.
* eldap_utils.erl: Refactoring.
* src/eldap/Makefile.in: Likewise.
2006-10-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_privacy_odbc.erl: Privacy rules support using odbc
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Likewise
2006-10-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Bugfix
2006-10-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Use hooks instead of direct function calls
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated
2006-10-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/shaper.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_frontend_socket.erl: Support for frontend
connection manager
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_socket.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Likewise
2006-09-27 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/release_notes_1.1.2.txt: Minor fixes.
* doc/guide.tex: Fixed Latexish typos.
2006-09-26 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/release_notes_1.1.2.txt: Draft release notes.
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated (thanks to Andrzej Smyk).
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: More precise message for the new s2s
statistic command.
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Minor english update.
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/pt-br.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/cs.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/es.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/de.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Likewise.
* src/msgs/pt-br.msg: Updated Brazilian translation (thanks to
Renato Botelho) and clean-up.
2006-09-25 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/msgs/de.msg: Updated German translation (thanks to Nikolaus
* src/ejabberd.app: Version update for ejabberd 1.1.2.
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated Polish translation (thanks to Zbyszek
* src/msgs/de.msg: Updated German translation (thanks to Marvin
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Sander
* src/msgs/cs.msg: Updated Czech translation and removed unused
* doc/introduction.tex: Minor doc updates for release 1.1.2.
2006-09-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Added incoming-s2s-number and
outgoing-s2s-number ejabberdctl commands
* src/ejabberd_socket.erl: Support for non-xml sockets
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Likewise
2006-09-24 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Badlop).
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Strings update (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated Russian translation (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Update French translation.
* src/doc/guide.html: Minor W3C compliance fix in an Hevea
generated URL.
* src/doc/features.html: Added to be consistent (guide.html is in
the repository to make Latex optional, but still allow access to
the doc).
2006-09-23 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Updated to version 1.1.2
2006-09-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/eldap/eldap.erl: Enable the keepalive socket option (thanks
to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Now uses two LDAP connections
(thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/eldap/eldap_filter.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
2006-09-22 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/msgs/cs.msg: Added Czech translation (thanks to Milos Svasek).
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Component name is now more user friendly
(thanks to Badlop).
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise.
* src/msgs/fr.msg: updated French translation.
* doc/guide.tex: Large improvements for ejabberd 1.1.2 (thanks to
Sander Devrieze)
* doc/version.tex: Likewise.
* doc/features.tex: Likewise.
* doc/Makefile: Likewise.
* doc/dev.tex: Likewise.
2006-09-14 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Minor fix on index generation.
2006-09-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Better LDAP support (thanks to
Evgeniy Khramtsov)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/eldap/eldap_filter.erl: Likewise
2006-09-11 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Removed unused fields.
2006-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Updated
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Fixed html special characters
escaping, added new image buttons, chatroom titles now point to
xmpp: URIs (thanks to Badlop)
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Bugfix
2006-09-05 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: It is now possible to configure the MUC room
history feature. A new option has been added in ejabberd muc module
configuration (history_size) to define the size of the history. 0 is
used to disable the feature.
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2006-09-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_socket.erl: All XML socket operations moved here
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Updated
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-09-03 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/odbc_queries.erl: Support for Microsoft SQL Server as a
database backend (via ODBC).
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/odbc/mssql.sql: Likewise.
* src/odbc/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
* doc/introduction.tex: Likewise.
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Minor fix.
2006-08-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* Makefile.in: Fix for MacOSX compilation.
* ejabberd_zlib/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* mod_irc/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* stringprep/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* tls/Makefile.in: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd.app: Updated to the current version.
2006-08-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed logging configuring
permission check
2006-08-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Now filter_packet hook works in
'global' context
2006-08-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Report OpenSSL error messages (thanks to
Magnus Henoch)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Use standardized MUC room
configuration fields (thanks to Magnus Henoch and Andy Turner)
2006-08-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-07-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix: added a missing catch and fixed the
error code used on unknown namespace.
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Improved s2s connection negociation
(dialback namespace usage) when using tls.
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Fixed the error code used on unknown namespace.
* src/mod_register.erl: ejabberd now sends iq result and stream end on
user remove.
2006-07-16 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/acl.erl: The server does not crash anymore on wrong acl rule. Add
rule error message in log file.
2006-07-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: User creation form now creates the
user for the current virual host only and does not require to type
the hostname.
* src/jlib.erl: String to JID conversion now returns an error if the
JID string contains two arobases.
2006-07-06 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: Shared roster entries can now be moved or
rename from a client without breaking current presence status.
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed the order in which room presence
packets are sent (First existing presence to new occupant, then new
occupant presence to existing users.
2006-07-05 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: More flexible parsing the shared
roster members list from the configuration form.
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: Deletng a shared roster group now
correctly deletes its user entries.
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: The logged user (self) is now removed from
the shared roster list.
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Better handling of errors when the server for
authentication is unknown.
2006-06-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Removed needless check for xmlns:db
when starttls is enabled
2006-06-15 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Bugfix: using tuple instead of a Pid
to send Erlang messages in a rarely used case.
2006-06-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Fixed broken multiple connection with
anonymous login problem.
* src/ejabberd_auth_anonymous.erl: Likewise.
2006-06-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Support for pubsub node creation
ACL. It is now possible to limit the node creation rights using an
ACL from ejabberd config file (Thanks to Christophe Romain).
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example.
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Discovery query on an item does
no more return an "item not found error". Discovery stop correctly
at the item level (Thanks to Christophe Romain).
2006-06-02 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Messages polled between the
the last client request and the polling timeout were lost. Those
messages are now resent using ejabberd routing mechanisms.
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: The web module now accepts HTTP
absolute URL (used behind a proxy). This apply to HTTP polling and
to the web interface (Thanks to Jean-Sebastien Pedron).
2006-05-29 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: According to RFC3921 section 9.2, outbound
subscribe presence packets must be sent, even if the user has already
asked for subcription previously (subscription: none and pending: out).
The mod_roster now conforms to this behaviour.
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise.
2006-05-27 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/configure.ac: Added an optional check for krb5.h in
configure. ejabberd can now be build directly on RedHat and
2006-05-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/sk.msg: Slovak translation (thanks to Juraj Michalek
and SkLUG)
2006-05-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Updated
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: Updated
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
2006-05-23 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: The subscribe request are now resend at login as
long as they have not been answered. mod_roster do no more depends on
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise (The ODBC/relational support has
not yet been tested).
* src/mod_roster.hrl: Likewise.
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise.
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise.
* odbc/pg.sql: Likewise.
* odbc/mysql.sql: Likewise.
2006-05-22 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: The max_user_sessions has been moved to
host configuration.
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2006-05-21 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: An option to limit the number of opened sessions
for a given user have been added. As a default, a given user can only
log in 10 times with different resources. After that, new connections
replace the older ones.
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise.
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise.
2006-05-15 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Timeout disconnection were not
properly handled after "active once" migration. This is now fixed.
2006-05-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_configure.erl: Unknown tables or tables from now unused
modules are ignored during restore. The restore can now be performed in
such case.
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise.
* src/ejabberd_admin.erl: Code refactoring. Common Mnesia database
restore function.
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Now prints a user-friendly when trying to
restore a backup from a non-existent file.
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added a way to delete the older message
from the offline message table. This function is only available if
offline message queue is stored in Mnesia internal database. The
function delete_old_messages is not available in mod_offline_odbc.
2006-05-01 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Unknown tables or tables from now unused
modules are ignored during restore. The restore can now be performed in
such case.
2006-04-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.hrl: release 1.1.1
* doc/version.tex: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Likewise
2006-04-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Bugfix: anonymous authentication was always
2006-04-27 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: The status now only returns "started" if
ejabberd is started and ready to accept requests.
2006-04-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Added a documentation for max_stanza_size option
2006-04-24 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Updated for version 1.1.0.
2006-04-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/configure: Removed '==' bashism (thanks to Magnus Henoch)
* src/aclocal.m4: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Resend messages when leaving negative
presence state (thanks to Magnus Henoch)
2006-04-23 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated
* src/msgs/de.msg: Updated (thanks to Nikolaus Polak)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Now delivering messages to all resources with
max equal priority when this priority is non-negative.
* src/guide.tex: Added documentation for native database configuration.
2006-04-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pt-br.msg: Updated (thanks to Lucius Curado)
* src/xml_stream.erl: Support for stanza size limit (thanks to
Igor Goryachev)
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Fixed try_register/3 behaviour
2006-04-20 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Update of the example for anonymous.
Removed unnecessary parameter.
* src/ejabberd_auth_anonymous.erl: Removed unnecessary parameter /
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Bugfix: We now are forced to check is an
anonymous user is log under a given user name before trying to
register it.
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (SASL anonymous and anonymous login).
2006-04-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated (thanks to Andrzej Smyk)
2006-04-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml_stream.erl: Cleanup
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Updated to use ejabberd_receiver
2006-04-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Minor fix
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2006-04-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
2006-04-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Fixed pubsub root node creation
(conflict error was send on node creation)
2006-04-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: SASL Anonymous + Anonymous login support
(thanks to Mickael Remond and Magnus Henoch)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_anonymous.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl_anonymous.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
2006-04-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/expat_erl.c: Use binaries for CDATA
* src/xml.erl: Likewise
2006-04-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: Updated translation strings (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Changed a path to PKIX includes (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
2006-04-01 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Added an option to compile ejabberd with debug
print-out (make ejabberd_debug=true).
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added a new debug printout: We can now print
the XML packets send by the server.
2006-03-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
2006-03-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Enable zlib only over TCP
2006-03-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2006-03-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Fixed privacy list pushing (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2006-03-16 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Remove unnecessary use delete_object, which can,
in some context break indexes, when used on non bag table.
2006-03-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
2006-03-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added catching of gen_fsm:send_event errors
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Better support for multiple SRV
records (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_log.erl: Support for chatroom logging
(thanks to Badlop)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/Makefile.win32: Likewise
2006-03-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/gen_iq_handler.erl: Added support for {queues, N} IQ handler
2006-03-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix
2006-03-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-03-04 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: reopen-log function now rename the log
file if it has not been already renamed by a logrotate process. This
change allow ejabberd administrators to rotate log files on Windows
2006-02-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added a interface for node
* src/ejabberd_update.erl: Added function update_info/0
2006-02-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* contrib/extract_translations/extract_translations.erl: Minor
update (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_zlib/Makefile.win32: Zlib support for Windows build
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/configure.erl: Likewise
2006-02-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added API for virtual host specific
commands, removed registered-users command
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added processing of registered-users
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Added inititalization of ejabberd_ctl
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Minor update
2006-02-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added handling for "%", "&"
and "~" prefixes in IRC nicknames (thanks to Vladimir Kulev)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added /msg and /ctcp
commands, improved handling of channel topic and kick, mirc colors
now filtered, other minor improvements (thanks to Oleg V. Motienko
and Magnus Henoch)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Improved strings (thanks to Sander
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
2006-02-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_service_log.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Badlop)
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Use mod_vcard_odbc if it is loaded (thanks to
Tomasz Sterna)
2006-02-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added a few ejabberdctl commands
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: New interface for command registration
2006-02-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Partially rewritten
* src/ejabberd_ctl.hrl: Definitions of exit status codes moved
2006-02-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-02-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Reconnect on ODBC connection closing
2006-02-07 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: plugin authentication modules can now
be used in the configuration file: {auth_method, module} will now
use the module ejabberd_auth_module.erl for authentication.
2006-02-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Kick non-members when room
reconfigured to be member-only or when membership is revoked in
member-only room, allowed "true" and "false" in x:data forms
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Added "Host" parameter to get_form and
set_form functions (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bugfix
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Badlop)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Updated copyright dates
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
2006-02-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Added ejabberd_odbc_sup to ejabberd
supervision tree
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Authentication check moved to
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Likewise
* src/web/Makefile.in: Added ejabberd_http.hrl dependency
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Updated to use {active, once}
socket mode
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Updated to use gen_server behaviour and
ejabberd supervision tree
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Likewise
2006-02-02 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/configure.ac: --prefix option can now override the default
install dir
* src/configure: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
2006-02-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Updated to use gen_server
behaviour and ejabberd supervision tree
* src/mod_echo.erl: Likewise
2006-02-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added a supervisor for conference room
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
2006-01-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Fixed syntax error
2006-01-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Updated to use gen_server behaviour
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
* src/gen_iq_handler.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added supervisor for ejabberd_receiver
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Updated
2006-01-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_update.erl: Support for run-time ejabberd updating
(not completed)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added 'update_info' module attribute for
testing ejabberd_update
2006-01-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Remove top-level xmlns from incoming
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Better error handling for stream
compression support (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2006-01-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2006-01-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Partially rewritten to work more
efficiently and avoid race conditions
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2006-01-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Cleanup
2006-01-20 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Added new debugging trace: It is now
possible to dump the XML stream received from a client (usefull for
client debugging).
2006-01-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Updated for zlib support
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Weakened presence filtering, added
warning in non-anonymous rooms, room destroying updated to latest
JEP-0045, added a number of occupants and room name in room's
disco#info reply, miscellaneous internal changes (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Better support for nick unregistration
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_zlib/ejabberd_zlib.erl: Zlib support (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_zlib/ejabberd_zlib_drv.c: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_zlib/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Stream compression support (JEP-0138)
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_disco.erl: Don't split node name before calling hooks
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Support for configuration using ad-hoc
commands (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_announce.erl: Support for sending announce messages
using ad-hoc commands (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_adhoc.erl: Ad-hoc support (JEP-0050) (thanks to Magnus
* src/adhoc.erl: Likewise
* src/adhoc.hrl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/gen_mod.erl: Added function is_loaded/2 (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Changed error message on handshake
error (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2006-01-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: underscore and percent are now only
escaped in like queries. MySQL where not escaping those escaped
characters in other context.
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: likewise.
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Fixed MySQL database creation script: Was
not properly working with all MySQL version.
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Added a way to retry database
connection connect for 5 minutes when the connection is lost. No
further connection is retry after.
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc_sup.erl: likewise.
2006-01-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Rewritten to use {active, once} mode
for socket
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Update
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/shaper.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Likewise
2006-01-02 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Native MySQL support
2005-12-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Speed optimizations
2005-12-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Clean results of ASN.1 compiler (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsh: Removed (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2005-12-22 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Added error message on ODBC
connection to help ODBC configuration troubleshooting.
2005-12-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/configure.erl: Likewise
* src/win32/CheckReqs.ini: Likewise
* src/win32/CheckReqs1.ini: Likewise
* src/win32/CheckReqs1H.ini: Likewise
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsh: Likewise
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Likewise
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-12-21 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/odbc/mysql.sql: Database description for MySQL Database 4.1
(Max version, with Innodb)
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: MySQL ODBC support
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Likewsie
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
2005-12-16 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/Makefile: Added helper to generate the docs (Thanks to Sander
* doc/guide.tex: Added ejabberd 1.0.0 release notes.
* doc/dev.tex: Code clean-up (Thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-12-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/features.tex: Added feature sheet (Thanks to Sander
2005-12-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c: Bugfix (thanks to Tomas Janousek)
2005-12-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Updated (thanks to Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Updated version
* src/ejabberd.app: Likewise
* doc/version.tex: Likewise
2005-12-13 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/release_notes_1.0.0.txt: Added preliminary version of ejabberd
1.0.0 release notes.
* doc/guide.html: Generated the updated HTML version of the documentation.
2005-12-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Workaround for gateway subscriptions now
should be enabled with --enable-roster-gateway-workaround
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
2005-12-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Added logging of termination
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/*.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
2005-12-08 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* contribs/contrib/extract_translations/prepare-translation.sh:
Small improvements.
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated
2005-12-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Fixed syntax error
* src/mod_offline.erl: Don't store headline messages
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
2005-12-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2005-12-06 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/Makefile.*: Can now be build when the Erlang environment is
not Erlang/OTP but the Erlang REPOS CDROM. Still compatible with
standard Erlang/OTP install
* aclocal.m4: Likewise
* src/Makefile.*: Can now be build with Erlang debug_info with
'make debug=true'
2005-12-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pt-br.msg: Updated (thanks to Victor Hugo dos Santos)
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated (thanks to Andrzej Smyk)
* src/msgs/sv.msg: Updated (thanks to Magnus Henoch)
* src/msgs/de.msg: Updated (thanks to Patrick Dreker)
2005-11-30 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/yozhikheader.png: Added feature sheet header (Thanks to Sander
2005-11-28 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Improved and updated documentation (Thanks to Sander
* doc/guide.html: Likewise
* doc/features.tex: Likewise
* doc/introduction.tex: Likewise
* doc/version.tex: Likewise
* doc/logo.png: New logo for ejabberd doc (Thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-11-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Now web interface is compliant to
XHTML 1.0 Transitional (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
2005-11-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/Makefile: Now really added
2005-11-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: The "id" attribute of roster push packet was
missed (thanks to Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed encoding of user names in
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added url_encode function from yaws
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Send stream error when connection is
replaced (thanks to Maxim Ryazanov)
2005-11-19 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@process-one.net>
* contrib/extract_translations/prepare-translation.sh: Added
wrapper to extract_translation.erl (thanks to Badlop)
2005-11-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Fixed xmlns in disco items replies (thanks to
Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Use CPPFLAGS (thanks to Magnus Henoch)
2005-11-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Support for dNSName certificate field
and DNS name matching
* src/XmppAddr.asn1: Moved here from src/tls/XmppAddr.asn1
* src/tls/XmppAddr.asn1: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Updated
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Updated
2005-11-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Support for mnesia-like transaction
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Updated to use
2005-11-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Fixed invalid behaviour upon
connecting to host with invalid domain
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
2005-11-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Support for per host certificates
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Fixed id-on-xmppAddr processing
2005-11-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_disco.erl: Fixed extra_domains option processing
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Support for STARTTLS+SASL EXTERNAL
(not well-tested yet)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Likewise
* src/tls/XmppAddr.asn1: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Likewise
2005-10-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_disco.erl: Minor fix
2005-10-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-10-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls.erl: Accept {error,already_loaded} from
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/iconv.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Likewise
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Support for "connect" method
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Support for STARTTLS+Dialback
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Added a few hacks ({active,once} mode
should be used instead of recv/3 call to avoid them)
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Added s2s_use_starttls and s2s_certfile
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Likewise
2005-10-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Try to load tls_drv at startup to avoid
unloading of libssl (thanks to Brian Campbell)
2005-10-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Added spool.seq field for offline messages
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
2005-10-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-10-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/gen_iq_handler.erl: Bugfix
2005-10-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Minor fix
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Updated pgsql support
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated to work correctly with
2005-10-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Experimental support for pgsql
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-10-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Added vCard converter
* src/mod_vcard_odbc.erl: vCard support via ODBC
* src/odbc/pg.sql: Updated
2005-09-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated API for better
integration with J-EAI web interface
* src/mod_shared_roster.erl: Now possible to specify all users on
virtual host in group
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
2005-09-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.erl: Bugfix
2005-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Updated
2005-09-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_disco.erl: Disco publishing support (thanks to Magnus
* src/mod_disco.erl: Functions register_sm_feature and
register_sm_node replaced with hooks (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Updated
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_disco.erl: Now mod_disco doesn't depend on mod_configure
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Likewise
2005-08-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejd2odbc.erl: Converter from mnesia to ODBC
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Minor fix
2005-08-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Bugfix
2005-08-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-08-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/dev.tex: Updated
2005-08-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Fixed challenge/response parsing (thanks
to Martin Pokorny)
2005-08-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated (thanks to Andrew Smyk)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Badlop)
2005-08-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/inetrc: Added (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Likewise
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Updated version
2005-08-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-08-01 Mickael Remond <mremond@erlang-fr.org>
* (all): ejabberd-0.9.8 released
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated
2005-07-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Added host_config option
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Bugfix
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/de.msg: Updated (thanks to Torsten Werner)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed CSS style sheet to be
standards compliant (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-07-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added "Virtual Hosts" page
2005-07-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Added filter_packet hook
2005-07-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Updated to work with ODBC
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Updated
2005-07-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Bugfix
2005-07-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Updated to J-EAI version
2005-07-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/acl.erl: Slightly changed "access" option processing
* src/mod_disco.erl: Fixed processing of host features and
extra_domains option
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Processing of jabber:iq:register totally
moved to mod_register.erl (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Added two pictures in installer (thanks
to Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/win32/ejabberd_header.bmp: Likewise
* src/win32/ejabberd_intro.bmp: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed spelling of word
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2005-07-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_register.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Updated to allow different authentication
methods for different virtual hosts
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_external.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Likewise
* src/cyrsasl_plain.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
* src/extauth.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc_sup.erl: Likewise
2005-07-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Bugfix
2005-06-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Bugfix
2005-06-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Enhanced virtual hosting support
2005-05-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Bugfix
2005-05-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/pt-br.msg: New Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks
to Felipe Brito Vasconcellos)
2005-05-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.9.1 released
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated (thanks to Mickael Remond)
* src/odbc/Makefile.in: Added
* src/configure.ac: Updated for odbc support
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/aclocal.m4: Bugfix
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Added store_last_info/4 function (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Support for exporting iq:last information,
better error handling (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added "import-file" and "import-dir"
commands (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/dev.tex: Likewise
* doc/disco.png: Likewise
* doc/discorus.png: Likewise
* doc/webadmin.png: Likewise
* doc/webadminru.png: Likewise
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated CSS, added modules
management, fixed bug with configuring of listened ports on
different nodes (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/gen_mod.erl: Added function loaded_modules_with_opts/0, new
API for module stopping (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Moved a process name to a macros,
updated module stopping (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_announce.erl: Updated module stopping (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_echo.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: "Connection:" header value now
matched case-insensitive, and returned to client, replaced
duplicate is_space($\r) with is_space($\t) (thanks to Maxim
2005-05-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Fixed XML element name for
pubsub#event namespace (thanks to Magnus Henoch)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
2005-05-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Now possible to subscribe to a
pubsub node with a JID that includes a resource (thanks to Martijn
van Beers)
* src/stringprep/uni_parse2.tcl: Bugfix
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Likewise
* src/stringprep/uni_norm.c: Regenerated
2005-05-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added support for WHOIS
requests and reply to USERINFO (thanks to Oleg V. Motienko)
2005-05-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Bugfix
2005-05-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/odbc/Makefile.win32: Added (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2005-05-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Fixed private xml setting
* src/mod_last.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Fixed service stopping
2005-05-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed bug with storing
affiliations of invited users in members-only room (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed starttls_required behaviour for
legacy connections (thanks to Brian Campbell)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Images now specified via CSS,
design slightly updated, added last activity statistics (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2005-05-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Added check for bidi
* src/stringprep/uni_parse.tcl: Now handle all Unicode code points
up to U+10FFFF
* src/stringprep/uni_parse2.tcl: Likewise
* src/stringprep/uni_data.c: Regenerated
* src/stringprep/uni_norm.c: Likewise
2005-05-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/uni_norm.c: Regenerated with Unicode 3.2 tables
as required by RFC3454
* src/stringprep/uni_parse2.tcl: Bugfixes
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Bugfixes, added hangul
2005-05-05 Mickael Remond <mremond@erlang-fr.org>
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Added missing version 0.9 fields and removed unused
2005-05-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Store ban reasons for outcast
items, updated affiliation matching rules to latest JEP-0045
2005-05-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Updated changing roles and
affiliations tables to latest JEP-0045
2005-05-01 Mickael Remond <mremond@erlang-fr.org>
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated
2005-05-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/sw.msg: Renamed to sv.msg
* src/msgs/sv.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/pl.msg: Updated (thanks to Andrew Smyk)
* contrib/extract_translations/README: Better phrasing (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* contrib/extract_translations/extract_translations.erl: Fix to
avoid duplication of lines (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/sw.msg: New Swedish translation (thanks to Magnus
* src/msgs/pt.msg: New Portuguese translation (thanks to iceburn)
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-04-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Added listing of users support
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated LDAP options
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Better spelling, now prints full file
paths, fixed checking of mnesia:install_fallback result, now
"dump" command dumps only persistent tables
* contrib/extract_translations/: A tool for extracting of
translation strings from ejabberd code (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2005-04-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Mickael Remond)
2005-04-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added translation to submit
button and "shared roster groups" header (thanks to iceburn and
Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Minor update to simplify
translation (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Reverted previous patch
2005-04-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Added mod_shared_roster documentation
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Updated version
2005-04-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Bugfix
2005-04-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added check for domain of registered user
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed user registration via web
interface, fixed path to user's offline messages (thanks to
Mickael Remond)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Fixed domain listing when one virtual host is
a subdomain of another
2005-04-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.9 released
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added link to shared roster page
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: ODBC connection string can be
specified via odbc_server option now
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Added ODBC usage example
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/msgs/pl.msg: New Polish translation (thanks to Andrew Smyk)
2005-04-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Merged virtual hosting support
2005-04-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Send new id for each new stream inside one
session (thanks to Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Now reads all certificates from certificate
file instead of reading only first one (thanks to Karl-Johan
2005-04-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/init-scripts/jabber-gg-transport:
Fixed typo (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-04-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/configs/msn-transport.xml: Fixed typo
(thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-04-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-03-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Bugfix
2005-01-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added filtering of quit
2005-01-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Copyright update
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
2004-12-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Load-balance ODBC requests between
several connections
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc_sup.erl: Supervisor for ODBC connections
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added missed type='form' attribute
in room configuration response (thanks to Badlop)
2004-12-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Roster support via ODBC (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Added remove_user hook
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Use remove_user hook
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_private.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added hooks for functions exported by
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
2004-12-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Updated missed message passing from
previous patch
2004-12-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/pg.sql: DB creation script for postgres
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Experimental support for ODBC
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
2004-12-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_stats.erl: Minor optimizations
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added unset_presence_hook
* src/mod_last.erl: Use unset_presence_hook instead of direct call
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Splitted into ejabberd_auth_internal.erl,
ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl, and ejabberd_auth_external.erl,
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_external.erl: Likewise
2004-12-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Changed type of password field
to "password"
* src/jlib.hrl: More stream error defines (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for starttls_required option
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed mistake in case condition
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added function parse_element/1
* src/expat_erl.c: Added PARSE_FINAL_COMMAND
2004-12-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Enable keepalive option
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added API for managing xml streams without
creating process
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Use this API, now 2 processes are
created per C2S connection
2004-12-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/expat_erl.c: Now uses port control instead of port output
* src/xml_stream.erl: Likewise
2004-11-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Now register port instead of
storing it in ets table
2004-11-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated URLs to R10C release
2004-11-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added missed index
2004-11-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-11-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Fixed headers detecting in AM_WITH_OPENSSL
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added support for ldap_rootdn and
ldap_password options (thanks to Stefan de Konink)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Now possible to route packet via
function call instead of message sending
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added function route/3, use it in route
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
2004-10-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Fixed spelling of word "authentication"
* src/*/Makefile.in: Replaced erlc with @ERLC@
2004-10-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Added remove_connection/1
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Use ejabberd_s2s:remove_connection/1
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Minor cleanup
* examples/transport-configs/: Transport config examples (thanks
to Sander Devrieze)
* src/msgs/de.msg: German translation (thanks to Marina Hahn)
2004-10-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c: Bugfix (thanks to Jacek Konieczny)
2004-10-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.7.5 released
* src/tls/Makefile.win32: Added (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-10-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed user listing
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/msgs/ua.msg: Renamed to uk.msg
* COPYING: Added permission to link with OpenSSL
2004-10-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ua.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed room destroying
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Fixed message routing when all resources
have negative priority
* src/msgs/*.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Table titles now bold (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-10-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Fixed socket closing condition
2004-10-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Properly handle bad requests
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Ported features from J-EAI
2004-09-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Fixed processing of POST body for
HTTP Polling
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Support for "Connection" HTTP header
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/translate.erl: Much better handling of xml:lang (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Check result of controlling_process
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Bugfix
2004-09-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
2004-09-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Better expat and openssl detection (thanks to
Anton Vanin)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Anton Vanin)
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
2004-09-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added namespace for iq-register stream feature
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Send iq-register feature
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Config file can be configured via
environment variable (thanks to Mickael Remond)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added SSL support (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/*.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2004-09-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Send password in room invitation
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Added registration of sm features and nodes
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Register vcard-temp feature (thanks to Sergei
* src/jlib.erl: Added functions now_to_utc_string/1,
now_to_local_string/1, and datetime_string_to_timestamp/1 (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Use time parsing functions from
jlib (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* ejabberd/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Bugfix (thanks to
Mickael Remond)
2004-09-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Bugfix
2004-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* tools/ejabberdctl: Added call to "exec" (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Support for searching of prefix substring and
limiting of result items (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_offline.erl: Support for message expiration (JEP-0023)
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_EXPIRE macros (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Added reopen_log/0 (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added return codes, updated "reopen-log"
command, added "delete-expired-messages" and "status" commands
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed useless transactions
2004-08-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fix (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-08-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml_stream.erl: Few optimizations
2004-08-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_service_log.erl: Support for logging of user packets via
external service (e.g. bandersnatch)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2004-08-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added entire table locking on large message
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added offline_subscription_hook
* src/mod_offline.erl: Use offline_subscription_hook
* src/configure.erl: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/win32/: Likewise
* src/mod_announce.erl: Added announce to all users (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-08-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Fixed sending of Set-Cookie
2004-08-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix in resend_offline_messages/1
* src/mod_announce.erl: New module to manage announce messages
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Moved processing of announce messages to
mod_announce (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added several hooks
* src/ejabberd_hooks.erl: Fixed run_fold (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-08-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Use resend_offline_messages_hook to fetch
offline messages
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added table locking in
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Use offline_message_hook to store offline
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_hooks.erl: Hooks support
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added ejabberd_hooks
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Changed TLS options (thanks to Sergei
2004-08-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Updated to check for openssl library (thanks to
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* src/configure: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Likewise
2004-08-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added user's roster page
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Bugfix
2004-08-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls.erl: Added recv_data/2 function
* src/jlib.erl: Added NS_TLS macro
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Support for STARTTLS
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2004-07-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/extauth/check_pass_null.pl: A reference "null"
implementation of external authentication script (thanks to Leif
* src/extauth.erl: Support for external authentication
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: A drop-in replacement for mod_vcard.erl
which uses ldap for JUD and vCard (thanks to Leif Johansson)
2004-07-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Added freeing of SSL stuff
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added start/2 function
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Now using xml_stream:start/2
2004-07-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for TLS library (not completed)
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Updated to return binaries instead of lists
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
2004-07-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls.erl: Updated
2004-07-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/: Library for TLS support (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Now uses two LDAP connections
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Return resource on get_presence request
(thanks to Mickael Remond)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ua.msg: New Ukrainian translation (thanks to usercard)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-07-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/eldap/eldap.erl: Bugfix
2004-07-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.7 released
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Better i18n support (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Added missed entries (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/es.msg: New spanish translation (thanks to Badlop)
2004-07-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_last.erl: Supprot for storing status from latest
unavailable presence (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Minor update (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_register.erl: Added "access" option (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Fixed module stopping (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_private.erl: Likewise
* src/gen_mod.erl: Added function get_module_opt/3 (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Minor fix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed superfluous include_lib line
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Added handler for disco items requests
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added option for JUD disabling (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Fixed module stopping (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added emergency catches (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Removed needless call to
mod_disco:unregister_feature (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Better support for mod_disco (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
* src/translate.erl: Suport for "default language" option (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Added 'MYLANG' macros
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.in: Added installation of ejabberd.cfg (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Fixed support for HTTP/1.0 clients
2004-07-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Minor fix
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed sending of presence to own resources
2004-06-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added configuration of listened
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added API for configuration of port
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed "Stop" button on node
management page
2004-05-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Dutch translation (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added options for enabling HTTP
polling and admin interface
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2004-05-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added access rules for using serveice
and creating rooms (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/CheckUserH.ini: Likewise
* src/translate.erl: Search translations in priv_dir instead of
lib_dir (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Likewise
2004-05-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added API for adding/removing
2004-05-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Now possible to specify interface on
which one socket will be listened, also added another way to
specify SSL options
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2004-05-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated (thanks to Andrey
2004-05-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added command for listing all registered
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Bugfix, support for text-load and restore
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
2004-05-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: 'Accept-Language' header support
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Send status code "201" on room
2004-04-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/translate.erl: Search translations directory in priv_dir
instead of lib_dir (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/: Win32 installer stuff (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/configure.bat: Likewise
* src/configure.erl: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-04-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Better design for administration
interface (not completed) (thanks to Andrey Zamaraev)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Likewise
2004-04-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Increased receive buffer
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Support for "/quote" command
2004-04-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd.erl: Added searching of files in code:priv_lib
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/translate.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Added "log_path" configuration parameter
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/*.c: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/configure.erl: Added writing of version to Makefile.inc
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated link to expat (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-04-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/idna.erl: Support for IDNA (RFC3490)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
2004-04-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml.erl: element_to_string/1 and crypt/1 now returns deep
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl (add_message_to_history): Replaced
string:len with lists:flatlength
2004-03-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Updated win32 stuff (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Added interface for access rules
2004-03-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Bugfix
2004-03-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: More verbose error handling
2004-03-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Minor update
2004-03-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Added interface for users listsing and
2004-03-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: New interface for ACLs editing
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Fixed "Content-Type" header,
"Set-Cookie" is included only in first response in session, added
missed behaviour definition
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: "Content-Type" header now can be
2004-03-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Experiments with web-interface
* src/configure.ac: Updated
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
2004-03-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Removed debugging output
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed processing of get_presence request
(thanks to Mickael Remond)
2004-03-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Now private conferences are
visible to admins and owners of this conference (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: More xml:lang support (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Better processing of EMAIL tag (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Added "catch" to "open_socket" (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
2004-03-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Completed
2004-03-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Support for HTTP Polling (JEP-0025) (almost complete)
2004-03-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Updated
2004-03-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Minor update
2004-03-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Small HTTP server and admin web-interface to ejabberd
(not completed yet)
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added HTTP processes supervisor
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added API to ask presence (thanks to
Mickael Remond)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Updated date parser (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added error descriptions (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Fixed vCard tag (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added macros for errors with <text/> (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-02-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Updated error codes, removed
trailing "-" in history. updated subject sending, added <title/>
in configuration form (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Added vCard, ejabberd:configure
replaced with jabber:iq:register (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Updated "xml:lang" usage, updated some
messages (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added "lang" field in "iq" record (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated to latest JEP-0078 (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-02-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2004-02-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Support for history management
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_stats.erl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: "jabber:iq:data" replaced with
"ejabberd:config" namespace (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
2004-02-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added <session/> to stream features
2004-02-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Now uses "ejabberd:config" namespace
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Fixed disco category and type (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added "ejabberd:config" namespace (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-01-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added command for log reopening
2004-01-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added commands for backup processing
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added processing of xml:lang according to
latest XMPP-IM draft
* src/xml.erl: Added replace_tag_attr/3 function
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added auto-reply on incoming subscription
request according to latest XMPP-IM draft
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added pop_offline_messages/1 function
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated sending of offline messages
2004-01-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix, updated error codes
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-01-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed bind namespace
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: New module for ejabberd administration
* tools/ejabberdctl: Shell script for ejabberd administration
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Copyright update
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Now possible to specify access rules
for service
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2004-01-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Added monitoring of processess that
serve domains
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Bugfix
2004-01-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl (do_route/3): Slightly changed behaviour
2004-01-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (do_route/3): Minor fix
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (route_message/3): Minor changes
2003-12-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Now possible to specify path to log file
via "EJABBERD_LOG_PATH" environment variable
* src/translate.erl: Now possible to specify path to "msgs"
directory via "EJABBERD_MSGS_PATH" environment variable
* src/ejabberd.erl: Added get_so_path/0 function
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Use ejabberd:get_so_path/0 to load .so
* src/mod_irc/iconv.erl: Likewise
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Likewise
2003-12-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Presence probe now sended from full JID
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added workaround for legacy gateways
(passing of "subscribed" presence)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Minor fix in subscription processing
2003-12-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added declaration of "iq" record
* (all): Updated to use "iq" record
2003-12-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Replaced register_local_route to
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_echo.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Partially rewrited
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
2003-12-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Partially rewrited
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed debugging code
2003-12-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Updated subscription handling to latest
XMPP-IM draft
2003-12-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Changed timeout processing, bugfix
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Changed timeout processing
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Better i18n support, added support for
<registered/> field in iq:register replies (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_register.erl: More i18n support (thanks to Sergei
2003-12-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix in processing of connection
2003-11-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added workaround for some Java clients
2003-11-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: LDAP attribute that holds user ID now
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2003-11-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed processing of presence probe from
2003-11-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Support for LDAP authentication
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/eldap/: Imported "eldap" package
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2003-11-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfixes
* (all): Version 0.5 released
2003-11-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* src/Makefile.in: Added installation of msgs/ directory
2003-11-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/dev.tex: Developers documentation (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Better handling of malformed JIDs
* src/mod_register.erl (try_register/2): Now returns "jid
malformed" error if user name is invalid
2003-11-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Added support for shapers
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Moved receiver functions to
ejabberd_receiver module
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (route_message/3): Bugfix
2003-11-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix for previous resource handling
* src/mod_configure.erl: Password changing now implemented
2003-11-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Updated SASL authentication
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Better resource handling
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_BIND macros
2003-11-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Added reporting of outgoing S2S
connections number
* src/mod_disco.erl (get_outgoing_s2s): Minor fix
2003-11-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Yet another configure interface (not
completed yet)
2003-11-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_last.erl: Added remove_user/1 function
* src/mod_configure.erl: Removing of user's stuff moved to
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
2003-10-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Updated to work more
correctly with latest jlib
2003-10-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: More strong check for authenticated JID
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
2003-10-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Fixed starting of SSL connection
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Partially rewriten
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: More verbose error report
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Updated to be compatible with R9C
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Minor fix
2003-10-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added handling of accept errors,
added timeout value to ssl:accept
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added checks for all empty input fields
* src/mod_offline.erl: More strong checks for stored packets
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2003-10-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Minor change in check_password/4
* src/mod_roster.erl: Workaround for PSI bug with roster
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Added support for log rotation
2003-10-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added function remove_old_messages/1
* src/mod_last.erl: jabber:iq:last support (JEP-0012)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_LAST macros
2003-10-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: New error_logger handler
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Now uses ejabberd_logger_h.erl
2003-10-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Added install rule
* src/jlib.erl: Added checks for JID parts length
2003-10-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added checks for stringprep results
* src/expat_erl.c: Workaround for EI encode_string bug
* src/xml_stream.erl: Slightly changed protocol to expat driver
* src/expat_erl.c: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: Minor fix
2003-10-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fixed typo
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Added support for announce/online
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/mod_register.erl: Added support for sending registration
2003-10-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Added supports for multiple hosts per
* src/Makefile.in: Minor fix
2003-10-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/configure.ac: Build system now done using autoconf (thanks
to Balabanov Dmitry)
* src/aclocal.m4: Likewise
* src/**/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl (process_item_set_t): Slightly improved
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added missed closing of XML stream process,
removed timeout value from import_file/1
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added checks for invalid user name
2003-10-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure.erl: Fixed some error codes
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Justin Karneges)
2003-10-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_register.erl: Added support for sending of "welcome"
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Replaced "_jabber-server" with
2003-10-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Added support for IPv6 and
"_jabber-server.tcp" lookups
* src/jlib.erl (string_to_jid1): Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Now possible to specify path to config
file in command line
2003-10-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd.cfg: Added "register" rule, added some comments,
this file renamed to ejabberd.cfg.example
* src/mod_register.erl (try_register): Fixed error reply, added
check for "register" access rule
2003-10-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/Makefile.win32: Added Makefile for Win32 (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Removed needless iconv.h
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added filtering of presence packets with
privacy rules
* src/mod_roster.erl (get_jid_info): Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Removed periodical dumping of opened ports
2003-10-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added authentication logging
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added logging of accepted connections
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Cleanup
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added support for iq:private importing
* src/mod_configure.erl: Fixed user removal
* src/mod_private.erl: Added remove_user/1
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/mod_disco.erl: Added "extra_domains" option
2003-10-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added support for "jid-malformed" error
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Bugfix
2003-10-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Changed JID storage format, added support for stringprep
* src/stringprep/: Added support for Unicode normalization form KC
2003-10-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/: Added support for case convertion to multiple
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Temporary removed "auth-int" QOP
2003-09-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Added support for nameprep,
nodeprep and resourceprep
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added loading of stringprep
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Cleanup
2003-09-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/: Support for stringprep (not completed yet)
2003-09-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Replaced io:format calls to ?DEBUG ones
2003-09-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Debug output switched off
* src/mod_disco.erl: Server identity changed to "service/im"
* src/mod_register.erl: Fixed jabber:iq:register handler
registration, fixed registration removal processing
2003-09-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_disco.erl: Now only admin can discovery some nodes,
fixed "node" attribute in replies
2003-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* examples/mtr/ejabberd: Likewise
2003-09-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
2003-09-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/*: Example config and scripts for NetBSD (thanks to
Marshall T. Rose)
2003-09-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Fixed "id" attribute processing
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added sending of empty <stream:features/>
element after opening of authenticated stream
2003-09-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Temporary hack for "id" attribute
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
2003-08-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Fixed SSL options
2003-08-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for filtering of incoming messages
and IQs, presence filtering will be after some xmpp-im
2003-08-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Fixed handling of room names with
uppercase letters
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added support for
password-protected rooms
2003-08-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added handling for
jabber:iq:version and jabber:iq:time requests, participant address
now added to presence status
2003-08-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Privacy rules support (not completed yet)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
2003-07-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl (create_new_node): Bugfix
2003-07-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/jlib.hrl: Added iq:privacy namespace
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added support for NOTICE and
CODEPAGE commands, better support for QUIT and PART commands
(thanks to Oleg V. Motienko)
2003-07-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Reorganized supervision tree
2003-07-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_register.erl: Bugfix
2003-07-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Close connection after key
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: start replaced with start_link
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Now uses proc_lib to spawn listeners,
removed 3rd parameter in listener configuration (assumed to equal
* src/ejabberd.rel: Updated
* doc/guide.tex: Small changes
* doc/Makefile: Added implicit charset specification to hevea
2003-07-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/expat_erl.c: Added #ifdef for WIN32 (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c: Likewise
* src/configure.erl: Defines ERLANG_DIR variable (thanks to Sergei
* **/Makefile: Use ERLANG_DIR (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* **/Makefile.win32: Makefiles for windows build (thanks to Sergei
* src/configure.bat: Configuration script for windows (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2003-07-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Added suport for meta-node
2003-07-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Most of functions now works
2003-07-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Pub/sub implementation (not
completed yet)
2003-07-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added pub/sub namespaces
2003-07-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c (iconv_erl_control): Bugfix
2003-06-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed room destroying
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
2003-06-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Error stanzas updated to confirm latest xmpp-core
2003-06-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Returned stream restarting
2003-06-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Removed stream restarting
2003-06-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: SASL support updated to xmpp-c