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{"Access Configuration","访问配置"}.
{"Access Control List Configuration","访问控制列表(ACL)配置"}.
{"Access control lists","访问控制列表(ACL)"}.
{"Access Control Lists","访问控制列表(ACL)"}.
{"Access denied by service policy","访问被服务策略拒绝"}.
{"Access rules","访问规则"}.
{"Access Rules","访问规则"}.
{"Action on user","对用户的动作"}.
{"Add Jabber ID","添加 Jabber ID"}.
{"Add New","添加新用户"}.
{"Add User","添加用户"}.
{"Administration of ","管理"}.
{"Administrator privileges required","需要管理员权限"}.
{"A friendly name for the node","该节点的友好名称"}.
{"All activity","所有活动"}.
{"Allow this Jabber ID to subscribe to this pubsub node?","允许该 Jabber ID 订阅该 pubsub 节点?"}.
{"Allow users to change the subject","允许用户更改主题"}.
{"Allow users to query other users","允许用户查询其它用户"}.
{"Allow users to send invites","允许用户发送邀请"}.
{"Allow users to send private messages","允许用户发送私聊消息"}.
{"Allow visitors to change nickname","允许用户更改昵称"}.
{"Allow visitors to send private messages to","允许访客发送私聊消息至"}.
{"Allow visitors to send status text in presence updates","更新在线状态时允许用户发送状态文本"}.
{"Allow visitors to send voice requests","允许访客发送声音请求"}.
{"All Users","所有用户"}.
{"A password is required to enter this room","进入此房间需要密码"}.
{"Backup Management","备份管理"}.
{"Backup of ","备份来源 "}.
{"Backup to File at ","备份文件位于"}.
{"Bad format","格式错误"}.
{"CAPTCHA web page","验证码网页"}.
{"Change Password","更改密码"}.
{"Change User Password","更改用户密码"}.
{"Characters not allowed:","禁用字符:"}.
{"Chatroom configuration modified","聊天室配置已修改"}.
{"Chatroom is created","聊天室已被创建"}.
{"Chatroom is destroyed","聊天室已被销毁"}.
{"Chatroom is started","聊天室已被启动"}.
{"Chatroom is stopped","聊天室已被停用"}.
{"Choose a username and password to register with this server","请选择在此服务器上注册所需的用户名和密码"}.
{"Choose modules to stop","请选择要停止的模块"}.
{"Choose storage type of tables","请选择表格的存储类型"}.
{"Choose whether to approve this entity's subscription.","选择是否允许该实体的订阅"}.
{"Conference room does not exist","会议室不存在"}.
{"Configuration of room ~s","房间 ~s 的配置 "}.
{"Connected Resources:","已连接资源:"}.
{"Connections parameters","连接参数"}.
{"CPU Time:","CPU 时间:"}.
{"Database Tables at ","数据库列表位于 "}.
{"Database Tables Configuration at ","数据库表格配置位于"}.
{"Default users as participants","用户默认被视为参与人"}.
{"Delete message of the day on all hosts","删除所有主机上的每日消息"}.
{"Delete message of the day","删除每日消息"}.
{"Delete Selected","删除已选内容"}.
{"Delete User","删除用户"}.
{"Deliver event notifications","传递事件通知"}.
{"Deliver payloads with event notifications","用事件通告传输有效负载"}.
{"Disc only copy","仅磁盘复制"}.
{"Displayed Groups:","已显示的组:"}.
{"Don't tell your password to anybody, not even the administrators of the Jabber server.","不要将密码告诉任何人, 就算是 Jabber 服务器的管理员也不可以."}.
{"Dump Backup to Text File at ","转储备份到文本文件于"}.
{"Dump to Text File","转储到文本文件"}.
{"Edit Properties","编辑属性"}.
{"Either approve or decline the voice request.","接受或拒绝声音请求"}.
{"ejabberd IRC module","ejabberd IRC 模块"}.
{"ejabberd MUC module","ejabberd MUC 模块"}.
{"ejabberd Publish-Subscribe module","ejabberd 发行-订阅模块"}.
{"ejabberd SOCKS5 Bytestreams module","ejabberd SOCKS5 字节流模块"}.
{"ejabberd vCard module","ejabberd vCard 模块"}.
{"ejabberd Web Admin","ejabberd 网页管理"}.
{"Enable logging","启用服务器端聊天记录"}.
{"Encoding for server ~b","服务器 ~b 的编码"}.
{"End User Session","结束用户会话"}.
{"Enter list of {Module, [Options]}","请输入{模块, [选项]}列表"}.
{"Enter nickname you want to register","请输入您想要注册的昵称"}.
{"Enter path to backup file","请输入备份文件的路径"}.
{"Enter path to jabberd14 spool dir","请输入 jabberd14 spool 目录的路径"}.
{"Enter path to jabberd14 spool file","请输入 jabberd14 spool 文件的路径"}.
{"Enter path to text file","请输入文本文件的路径"}.
{"Enter the text you see","请输入您所看到的文本"}.
{"Enter username and encodings you wish to use for connecting to IRC servers. Press 'Next' to get more fields to fill in. Press 'Complete' to save settings.","请输入您想使用的用来连接到 IRC 服务器的用户名和编码. 按 '下一步' 获取更多待填字段. 按 '完成' 保存设置."}.
{"Enter username, encodings, ports and passwords you wish to use for connecting to IRC servers","请输入您想使用的用来连接到IRC服务器的用户名, 编码, 端口和密码."}.
{"Erlang Jabber Server","Erlang Jabber 服务器"}.
{"Example: [{\"irc.lucky.net\", \"koi8-r\", 6667, \"secret\"}, {\"vendetta.fef.net\", \"iso8859-1\", 7000}, {\"irc.sometestserver.net\", \"utf-8\"}].","例如: [{\"irc.lucky.net\", \"koi8-r\"}, 6667, \"secret\"}, {\"vendetta.fef.net\", \"iso8859-1\", 7000}, {\"irc.sometestserver.net\", \"utf-8\"}]."}.
{"Exclude Jabber IDs from CAPTCHA challenge","从验证码挑战中排除 Jabber ID"}.
{"Export data of all users in the server to PIEFXIS files (XEP-0227):","将服务器上所有用户的数据导出到 PIEFXIS 文件 (XEP-0227):"}.
{"Export data of users in a host to PIEFXIS files (XEP-0227):","将某主机的用户数据导出到 PIEFXIS 文件 (XEP-0227):"}.
{"Failed to extract JID from your voice request approval","无法从你的声音请求确认信息中提取JID"}.
{"Family Name","姓氏"}.
{"Fill in fields to search for any matching Jabber User","填充字段以搜索任何匹配的 Jabber 用户"}.
{"Fill in the form to search for any matching Jabber User (Add * to the end of field to match substring)","填充表单以搜索任何匹配的 Jabber 用户(在字段末添加*来匹配子串)"}.
{"From ~s","来自~s"}.
{"Full Name","全名"}.
{"Get Number of Online Users","获取在线用户数"}.
{"Get Number of Registered Users","获取注册用户数"}.
{"Get User Last Login Time","获取用户上次登陆时间"}.
{"Get User Password","获取用户密码"}.
{"Get User Statistics","获取用户统计"}.
{"Grant voice to this person?","为此人授权声音?"}.
{"Group ","组"}.
{"has been banned","已被禁止"}.
{"has been kicked because of an affiliation change","因联属关系改变而被踢出"}.
{"has been kicked because of a system shutdown","因系统关机而被踢出"}.
{"has been kicked because the room has been changed to members-only","因该房间改为只对会员开放而被踢出"}.
{"has been kicked","已被踢出"}.
{" has set the subject to: ","已将标题设置为: "}.
{"If you don't see the CAPTCHA image here, visit the web page.","如果您在这里没有看到验证码图片, 请访问网页."}.
{"If you want to specify different ports, passwords, encodings for IRC servers, fill this list with values in format '{\"irc server\", \"encoding\", port, \"password\"}'. By default this service use \"~s\" encoding, port ~p, empty password.","如果您想为 IRC 服务器指定不同的端口, 密码, 编码, 请用 '{\"irc 服务器\", \"编码\", 端口, \"密码\"}' 格式的值填充此表单. 默认情况下此服务使用\"~s\"编码, ~p 端口, 密码为空."}.
{"Import Directory","导入目录"}.
{"Import File","导入文件"}.
{"Import user data from jabberd14 spool file:","从 jabberd14 Spool 文件导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import User from File at ","导入用户的文件位于 "}.
{"Import users data from a PIEFXIS file (XEP-0227):","从 PIEFXIS 文件 (XEP-0227) 导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import users data from jabberd14 spool directory:","从 jabberd14 Spool 目录导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import Users from Dir at ","导入用户的目录位于 "}.
{"Import Users From jabberd14 Spool Files","从 jabberd14 Spool 文件导入用户"}.
{"Improper message type","不恰当的消息类型"}.
{"Incorrect password","密码不正确"}.
{"Invalid affiliation: ~s","无效加入: ~s"}.
{"Invalid role: ~s","无效角色: ~s"}.
{"IP addresses","IP 地址"}.
{"IRC channel (don't put the first #)","IRC 频道 (不要输入第一个#号)"}.
{"IRC server","IRC 服务器"}.
{"IRC settings","IRC 设置"}.
{"IRC Transport","IRC 传输"}.
{"IRC username","IRC 用户名"}.
{"IRC Username","IRC 用户名"}.
{"is now known as","现在称呼为"}.
{"It is not allowed to send private messages of type \"groupchat\"","\"群组聊天\"类型不允许发送私聊消息"}.
{"It is not allowed to send private messages to the conference","不允许向会议发送私聊消息"}.
{"It is not allowed to send private messages","不可以发送私聊消息"}.
{"Jabber Account Registration","Jabber 帐户注册"}.
{"Jabber ID","Jabber ID"}.
{"Jabber ID ~s is invalid","Jabber ID ~s 无效"}.
{"Join IRC channel","加入 IRC 频道"}.
{"joins the room","加入房间"}.
{"Join the IRC channel here.","在这里加入 IRC 频道."}.
{"Join the IRC channel in this Jabber ID: ~s","用此 Jabber ID: ~s 加入 IRC 频道"}.
{"Last Activity","上次活动"}.
{"Last login","上次登陆"}.
{"Last month","上个月"}.
{"Last year","上一年"}.
{"leaves the room","离开房间"}.
{"Listened Ports at ","监听的端口位于 "}.
{"Listened Ports","被监听的端口"}.
{"List of modules to start","要启动的模块列表"}.
{"Low level update script","低级别更新脚本"}.
{"Make participants list public","公开参与人列表"}.
{"Make room CAPTCHA protected","保护房间验证码"}.
{"Make room members-only","设置房间只接收会员"}.
{"Make room moderated","设置房间只接收主持人"}.
{"Make room password protected","进入此房间需要密码"}.
{"Make room persistent","永久保存该房间"}.
{"Make room public searchable","使房间可被公开搜索"}.
{"Maximum Number of Occupants","允许的与会人最大数"}.
{"Max # of items to persist","允许持久化的最大内容条目数"}.
{"Max payload size in bytes","最大有效负载字节数"}.
{"Membership is required to enter this room","进入此房间需要会员身份"}.
{"Memorize your password, or write it in a paper placed in a safe place. In Jabber there isn't an automated way to recover your password if you forget it.","记住你的密码, 或将其记到纸上并放于安全位置. 如果你忘记了密码, Jabber 也没有自动恢复密码的方式."}.
{"Message body","消息主体"}.
{"Middle Name","中间名"}.
{"Minimum interval between voice requests (in seconds)","声音请求的最小间隔(以秒为单位)"}.
{"Moderator privileges required","需要主持人权限"}.
{"moderators only","仅主持人"}.
{"Modified modules","被修改模块"}.
{"Modules at ","模块位于 "}.
{"New Password:","新密码: "}.
{"Nickname Registration at ","昵称注册于 "}.
{"Nickname ~s does not exist in the room","昵称 ~s 不在该房间"}.
{"No body provided for announce message","通知消息无正文内容"}.
{"No Data","没有数据"}.
{"Node ID","节点 ID"}.
{"Node not found","没有找到节点"}.
{"Node ","节点 "}.
{"No limit","不限"}.
{"No resource provided","无资源提供"}.
{"Not Found","没有找到"}.
{"Notify subscribers when items are removed from the node","当从节点删除内容条目时通知订阅人"}.
{"Notify subscribers when the node configuration changes","当节点设置改变时通知订阅人"}.
{"Notify subscribers when the node is deleted","当节点被删除时通知订阅人"}.
{"Number of occupants","驻留人数"}.
{"Number of online users","在线用户数"}.
{"Number of registered users","注册用户数"}.
{"Offline Messages:","离线消息:"}.
{"Offline Messages","离线消息"}.
{"Old Password:","旧密码: "}.
{"Online Users:","在线用户:"}.
{"Online Users","在线用户"}.
{"Only deliver notifications to available users","仅将通知发送给可发送的用户"}.
{"Only moderators and participants are allowed to change the subject in this room","只有主持人和参与人可以在此房间里更改主题"}.
{"Only moderators are allowed to change the subject in this room","只有主持人可以在此房间里更改主题"}.
{"Only moderators can approve voice requests","仅主持人能确认声音请求"}.
{"Only occupants are allowed to send messages to the conference","只有与会人可以向大会发送消息"}.
{"Only occupants are allowed to send queries to the conference","只有与会人可以向大会发出查询请求"}.
{"Only service administrators are allowed to send service messages","只有服务管理员可以发送服务消息"}.
{"Organization Name","组织名称"}.
{"Organization Unit","组织单位"}.
{"Outgoing s2s Connections:","出站 s2s 连接:"}.
{"Outgoing s2s Connections","出站 s2s 连接"}.
{"Outgoing s2s Servers:","出站 s2s 服务器"}.
{"Owner privileges required","需要持有人权限"}.
{"Password ~b","~b 的密码"}.
{"Password Verification:","密码确认:"}.
{"Password Verification","确认密码"}.
{"Path to Dir","目录的路径"}.
{"Path to File","文件路径"}.
{"Period: ","持续时间: "}.
{"Persist items to storage","持久化内容条目"}.
{"Please note that these options will only backup the builtin Mnesia database. If you are using the ODBC module, you also need to backup your SQL database separately.","注意:这些选项仅将备份内置的 Mnesia 数据库. 如果您正在使用 ODBC 模块, 您还需要分别备份您的数据库."}.
{"Please, wait for a while before sending new voice request","请稍后再发送新的声音请求"}.
{"Port ~b","~b 的端口"}.
{"Present real Jabber IDs to","将真实 Jabber ID 显示给"}.
{"private, ","保密, "}.
{"PubSub subscriber request","PubSub 订阅人请求"}.
{"Purge all items when the relevant publisher goes offline","相关发布人离线后清除所有选项"}.
{"Queries to the conference members are not allowed in this room","本房间不可以查询会议成员信息"}.
{"RAM and disc copy","内存与磁盘复制"}.
{"RAM copy","内存(RAM)复制"}.
{"Really delete message of the day?","确实要删除每日消息吗?"}.
{"Recipient is not in the conference room","接收人不在会议室"}.
{"Register a Jabber account","注册 Jabber 帐户"}.
{"Registered Users:","注册用户:"}.
{"Registered Users","注册用户"}.
{"Registration in mod_irc for ","mod_irc 中的注册是为 "}.
{"Remote copy","远程复制"}.
{"Remove All Offline Messages","移除所有离线消息"}.
{"Remove User","删除用户"}.
{"Replaced by new connection","被新的连接替换"}.
{"Restart Service","重启服务"}.
{"Restore Backup from File at ","要恢复的备份文件位于"}.
{"Restore binary backup after next ejabberd restart (requires less memory):","在下次 ejabberd 重启后恢复二进制备份(需要的内存更少):"}.
{"Restore binary backup immediately:","立即恢复二进制备份:"}.
{"Restore plain text backup immediately:","立即恢复普通文本备份:"}.
{"Room Configuration","房间配置"}.
{"Room creation is denied by service policy","创建房间被服务策略拒绝"}.
{"Room description","房间描述"}.
{"Room Occupants","房间人数"}.
{"Room title","房间标题"}.
{"Roster groups allowed to subscribe","允许订阅的花名册组"}.
{"Roster of ","花名册属于 "}.
{"Roster size","花名册大小"}.
{"RPC Call Error","RPC 调用错误"}.
{"Running Nodes","运行中的节点"}.
{"~s access rule configuration","~s 访问规则配置"}.
{"Script check","脚本检查"}.
{"Search Results for ","搜索结果属于关键词 "}.
{"Search users in ","搜索用户于 "}.
{"Send announcement to all online users on all hosts","发送通知给所有主机的在线用户"}.
{"Send announcement to all online users","发送通知给所有在线用户"}.
{"Send announcement to all users on all hosts","发送通知给所有主机上的所有用户"}.
{"Send announcement to all users","发送通知给所有用户"}.
{"Server ~b","服务器 ~b"}.
{"Set message of the day and send to online users","设定每日消息并发送给所有在线用户"}.
{"Set message of the day on all hosts and send to online users","设置所有主机上的每日消息并发送给在线用户"}.
{"Shared Roster Groups","共享的花名册组群"}.
{"Show Integral Table","显示完整列表"}.
{"Show Ordinary Table","显示普通列表"}.
{"Shut Down Service","关闭服务"}.
{"~s invites you to the room ~s","~s 邀请你到 ~s 房间"}.
{"Some Jabber clients can store your password in your computer. Use that feature only if you trust your computer is safe.","某些 Jabber 客户端可以在你的计算机里存储密码. 请仅在你确认你的计算机安全的情况下使用该功能."}.
{"Specify the access model","指定访问范例"}.
{"Specify the event message type","指定事件消息类型"}.
{"Specify the publisher model","指定发布人范例"}.
{"~s's Offline Messages Queue","~s 的离线消息队列"}.
{"Start Modules at ","要启动的模块位于 "}.
{"Start Modules","启动模块"}.
{"Statistics of ~p","~p 的统计"}.
{"Stop Modules at ","要停止的模块位于 "}.
{"Stop Modules","停止模块"}.
{"Stopped Nodes","已经停止的节点"}.
{"Storage Type","存储类型"}.
{"Store binary backup:","存储为二进制备份:"}.
{"Store plain text backup:","存储为普通文本备份:"}.
{"Subscriber Address","订阅人地址"}.
{"That nickname is already in use by another occupant","该昵称已被另一用户使用"}.
{"That nickname is registered by another person","该昵称已被另一个人注册了"}.
{"The CAPTCHA is valid.","验证码有效."}.
{"The CAPTCHA verification has failed","验证码检查失败"}.
{"The collections with which a node is affiliated","加入结点的集合"}.
{"The password is too weak","密码强度太弱"}.
{"the password is","密码是"}.
{"The password of your Jabber account was successfully changed.","你的 Jabber 帐户密码已成功更新."}.
{"There was an error changing the password: ","修改密码出错: "}.
{"There was an error creating the account: ","帐户创建出错: "}.
{"There was an error deleting the account: ","帐户删除失败: "}.
{"This is case insensitive: macbeth is the same that MacBeth and Macbeth.","此处不区分大小写: macbeth 与 MacBeth 和 Macbeth 是一样的."}.
{"This page allows to create a Jabber account in this Jabber server. Your JID (Jabber IDentifier) will be of the form: username@server. Please read carefully the instructions to fill correctly the fields.","本页面允许在此服务器上创建 Jabber 帐户. 你的 JID (Jabber ID) 的形式如下: 用户名@服务器. 请仔细阅读说明并正确填写相应字段."}.
{"This page allows to unregister a Jabber account in this Jabber server.","此页面允许在此 Jabber 服务器上注销 Jabber 帐户"}.
{"This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message to another participant","该参与人由于给其他人发送了出错消息而被踢出了聊天室"}.
{"This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message","该参与人由于发送了错误消息而被踢出了聊天室"}.
{"This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error presence","该用户由于发送了错误状态而被踢出了聊天室"}.
{"This room is not anonymous","此房间不是匿名房间"}.
{"Time delay","时间延迟"}.
{"Too many CAPTCHA requests","验证码请求太多"}.
{"To ~s","发送给~s"}.
{"Traffic rate limit is exceeded","已经超过传输率限制"}.
{"Transactions Aborted:","取消的事务:"}.
{"Transactions Committed:","提交的事务:"}.
{"Transactions Logged:","记入日志的事务:"}.
{"Transactions Restarted:","重启的事务:"}.
{"Unable to generate a CAPTCHA","无法生成验证码"}.
{"Unregister a Jabber account","注销 Jabber 帐户"}.
{"Update message of the day (don't send)","更新每日消息(不发送)"}.
{"Update message of the day on all hosts (don't send)","更新所有主机上的每日消息(不发送)"}.
{"Update plan","更新计划"}.
{"Update script","更新脚本"}.
{"Update ","更新 "}.
{"Use of STARTTLS required","要求使用 STARTTLS"}.
{"User JID","用户 JID"}.
{"User Management","用户管理"}.
{"Users are not allowed to register accounts so quickly","不允许用户太频繁地注册帐户"}.
{"Users Last Activity","用户上次活动"}.
{"User ","用户 "}.
{"vCard User Search","vCard 用户搜索"}.
{"Virtual Hosts","虚拟主机"}.
{"Visitors are not allowed to change their nicknames in this room","此房间不允许用户更改昵称"}.
{"Visitors are not allowed to send messages to all occupants","不允许访客给所有占有者发送消息"}.
{"Voice requests are disabled in this conference","该会议的声音请求以被禁用"}.
{"Voice request","声音请求"}.
{"When to send the last published item","何时发送最新发布的内容条目"}.
{"Whether to allow subscriptions","是否允许订阅"}.
{"You can later change your password using a Jabber client.","你可以稍后用 Jabber 客户端修改你的密码."}.
{"You have been banned from this room","您已被禁止进入该房间"}.
{"You must fill in field \"Nickname\" in the form","您必须填充表单中\"昵称\"项"}.
{"You need a client that supports x:data and CAPTCHA to register","您需要一个支持 x:data 和验证码的客户端进行注册"}.
{"You need a client that supports x:data to register the nickname","您需要一个支持 x:data 的客户端来注册昵称"}.
{"You need an x:data capable client to configure mod_irc settings","您需要一个兼容 x:data 的客户端来配置 mod_irc 设置"}.
{"You need an x:data capable client to configure room","您需要一个兼容 x:data 的客户端来配置房间"}.
{"You need an x:data capable client to search","您需要一个兼容 x:data 的客户端来搜索"}.
{"Your active privacy list has denied the routing of this stanza.","你的活跃私聊列表拒绝了在此房间进行路由分发."}.
{"Your contact offline message queue is full. The message has been discarded.","您的联系人离线消息队列已满. 消息已被丢弃"}.
{"Your Jabber account was successfully created.","你的 Jabber 帐户已成功创建."}.
{"Your Jabber account was successfully deleted.","你的 Jabber 帐户已成功删除."}.
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