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Suggest specifying 'localhost' as host name part of the MySQL test
account name.  Otherwise, the anonymous user that is usually created by
default for 'localhost' would take precedence for local connections due
to the more specific host name.
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You need MySQL and PostgreSQL up and running.
MySQL should be accepting TCP connections on localhost:3306.
PostgreSQL should be accepting TCP connections on localhost:5432.
Both of them should grant full access to user 'ejabberd_test' with
password 'ejabberd_test' on database 'ejabberd_test'.
Here is a quick setup example:
$ psql template1
template1=# CREATE USER ejabberd_test WITH PASSWORD 'ejabberd_test';
template1=# CREATE DATABASE ejabberd_test;
template1=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE ejabberd_test TO ejabberd_test;
$ mysql
mysql> CREATE USER 'ejabberd_test'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'ejabberd_test';
mysql> CREATE DATABASE ejabberd_test;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON ejabberd_test.* TO 'ejabberd_test'@'localhost';