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2005-04-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added link to shared roster page
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: ODBC connection string can be
specified via odbc_server option now
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Added ODBC usage example
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/msgs/pl.msg: New Polish translation (thanks to Andrew Smyk)
2005-04-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Merged virtual hosting support
2005-04-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Send new id for each new stream inside one
session (thanks to Maxim Ryazanov)
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Now reads all certificates from certificate
file instead of reading only first one (thanks to Karl-Johan
2005-04-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/init-scripts/jabber-gg-transport:
Fixed typo (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-04-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/configs/msn-transport.xml: Fixed typo
(thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-04-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/transport-configs/: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2005-03-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2005-03-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Bugfix
2005-01-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added filtering of quit
2005-01-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Copyright update
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
2004-12-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Load-balance ODBC requests between
several connections
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc_sup.erl: Supervisor for ODBC connections
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added missed type='form' attribute
in room configuration response (thanks to Badlop)
2004-12-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster_odbc.erl: Roster support via ODBC (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Added remove_user hook
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Use remove_user hook
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_private.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added hooks for functions exported by
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
2004-12-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Updated missed message passing from
previous patch
2004-12-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/odbc/pg.sql: DB creation script for postgres
* src/odbc/ejabberd_odbc.erl: Experimental support for ODBC
* src/mod_last_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_odbc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
2004-12-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_stats.erl: Minor optimizations
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added unset_presence_hook
* src/mod_last.erl: Use unset_presence_hook instead of direct call
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Splitted into ejabberd_auth_internal.erl,
ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl, and ejabberd_auth_external.erl,
* src/ejabberd_auth_internal.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_auth_external.erl: Likewise
2004-12-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Changed type of password field
to "password"
* src/jlib.hrl: More stream error defines (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for starttls_required option
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed mistake in case condition
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added function parse_element/1
* src/expat_erl.c: Added PARSE_FINAL_COMMAND
2004-12-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Enable keepalive option
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added API for managing xml streams without
creating process
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Use this API, now 2 processes are
created per C2S connection
2004-12-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/expat_erl.c: Now uses port control instead of port output
* src/xml_stream.erl: Likewise
2004-11-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Now register port instead of
storing it in ets table
2004-11-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated URLs to R10C release
2004-11-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added missed index
2004-11-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-11-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Fixed headers detecting in AM_WITH_OPENSSL
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added support for ldap_rootdn and
ldap_password options (thanks to Stefan de Konink)
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Now possible to route packet via
function call instead of message sending
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added function route/3, use it in route
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Likewise
2004-10-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Fixed spelling of word "authentication"
* src/*/Makefile.in: Replaced erlc with @ERLC@
2004-10-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Added remove_connection/1
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Use ejabberd_s2s:remove_connection/1
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Minor cleanup
* examples/transport-configs/: Transport config examples (thanks
to Sander Devrieze)
* src/msgs/de.msg: German translation (thanks to Marina Hahn)
2004-10-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/es.msg: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c: Bugfix (thanks to Jacek Konieczny)
2004-10-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.7.5 released
* src/tls/Makefile.win32: Added (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-10-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed user listing
* src/msgs/uk.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/msgs/ua.msg: Renamed to uk.msg
* COPYING: Added permission to link with OpenSSL
2004-10-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ua.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed room destroying
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Fixed message routing when all resources
have negative priority
* src/msgs/*.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Table titles now bold (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-10-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Fixed socket closing condition
2004-10-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Properly handle bad requests
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Ported features from J-EAI
2004-09-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Fixed processing of POST body for
HTTP Polling
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Support for "Connection" HTTP header
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/translate.erl: Much better handling of xml:lang (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Check result of controlling_process
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Bugfix
2004-09-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Badlop)
2004-09-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Better expat and openssl detection (thanks to
Anton Vanin)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Anton Vanin)
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
2004-09-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added namespace for iq-register stream feature
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Send iq-register feature
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Config file can be configured via
environment variable (thanks to Mickael Remond)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added SSL support (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/*.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2004-09-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Send password in room invitation
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Added registration of sm features and nodes
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Register vcard-temp feature (thanks to Sergei
* src/jlib.erl: Added functions now_to_utc_string/1,
now_to_local_string/1, and datetime_string_to_timestamp/1 (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Use time parsing functions from
jlib (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* ejabberd/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Bugfix (thanks to
Mickael Remond)
2004-09-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Bugfix
2004-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* tools/ejabberdctl: Added call to "exec" (thanks to Sergei
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Support for searching of prefix substring and
limiting of result items (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_offline.erl: Support for message expiration (JEP-0023)
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_EXPIRE macros (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Added reopen_log/0 (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added return codes, updated "reopen-log"
command, added "delete-expired-messages" and "status" commands
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-09-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed useless transactions
2004-08-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fix (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-08-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml_stream.erl: Few optimizations
2004-08-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_service_log.erl: Support for logging of user packets via
external service (e.g. bandersnatch)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2004-08-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added entire table locking on large message
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added offline_subscription_hook
* src/mod_offline.erl: Use offline_subscription_hook
* src/configure.erl: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.win32: Likewise
* src/win32/: Likewise
* src/mod_announce.erl: Added announce to all users (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-08-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Fixed sending of Set-Cookie
2004-08-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix in resend_offline_messages/1
* src/mod_announce.erl: New module to manage announce messages
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Moved processing of announce messages to
mod_announce (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added several hooks
* src/ejabberd_hooks.erl: Fixed run_fold (thanks to Sergei
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-08-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Use resend_offline_messages_hook to fetch
offline messages
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added table locking in
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Use offline_message_hook to store offline
* src/mod_offline.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_hooks.erl: Hooks support
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added ejabberd_hooks
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Changed TLS options (thanks to Sergei
2004-08-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/aclocal.m4: Updated to check for openssl library (thanks to
* src/configure.ac: Likewise
* src/configure: Likewise
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/tls/Makefile.in: Likewise
2004-08-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added user's roster page
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Bugfix
2004-08-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls.erl: Added recv_data/2 function
* src/jlib.erl: Added NS_TLS macro
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Support for STARTTLS
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2004-07-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/extauth/check_pass_null.pl: A reference "null"
implementation of external authentification script (thanks to Leif
* src/extauth.erl: Support for external authentification
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard_ldap.erl: A drop-in replacement for mod_vcard.erl
which uses ldap for JUD and vCard (thanks to Leif Johansson)
2004-07-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Added freeing of SSL stuff
* src/xml_stream.erl: Added start/2 function
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Now using xml_stream:start/2
2004-07-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for TLS library (not completed)
* src/tls/tls_drv.c: Updated to return binaries instead of lists
* src/tls/tls.erl: Likewise
2004-07-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/tls.erl: Updated
2004-07-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/tls/: Library for TLS support (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Now uses two LDAP connections
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Return resource on get_presence request
(thanks to Mickael Remond)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ua.msg: New Ukrainian translation (thanks to usercard)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Updated (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
2004-07-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/eldap/eldap.erl: Bugfix
2004-07-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): ejabberd-0.7 released
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Better i18n support (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Added missed entries (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Likewise
* src/msgs/es.msg: New spanish translation (thanks to Badlop)
2004-07-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_last.erl: Supprot for storing status from latest
unavailable presence (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Minor update (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_register.erl: Added "access" option (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Fixed module stopping (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_private.erl: Likewise
* src/gen_mod.erl: Added function get_module_opt/3 (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Minor fix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed superfluous include_lib line
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/msgs/fr.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Added handler for disco items requests
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added option for JUD disabling (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Fixed module stopping (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added emergency catches (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_last.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Removed needless call to
mod_disco:unregister_feature (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Better support for mod_disco (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
* src/translate.erl: Suport for "default language" option (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Added 'MYLANG' macros
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/win32/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-07-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/Makefile.in: Added installation of ejabberd.cfg (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Fixed support for HTTP/1.0 clients
2004-07-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Minor fix
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed sending of presence to own resources
2004-06-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Added configuration of listened
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added API for configuration of port
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Fixed "Stop" button on node
management page
2004-05-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/nl.msg: Dutch translation (thanks to Sander Devrieze)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Added options for enabling HTTP
polling and admin interface
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
2004-05-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added access rules for using serveice
and creating rooms (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/ejabberd.nsi: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/CheckUserH.ini: Likewise
* src/translate.erl: Search translations in priv_dir instead of
lib_dir (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Likewise
2004-05-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added API for adding/removing
2004-05-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Now possible to specify interface on
which one socket will be listened, also added another way to
specify SSL options
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2004-05-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated (thanks to Andrey
2004-05-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added command for listing all registered
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Bugfix, support for text-load and restore
(thanks to Leif Johansson)
2004-05-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Updated
2004-05-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: 'Accept-Language' header support
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Likewise
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Send status code "201" on room
2004-04-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/translate.erl: Search translations directory in priv_dir
instead of lib_dir (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.in: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/win32/: Win32 installer stuff (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/configure.bat: Likewise
* src/configure.erl: Likewise
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-04-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl: Better design for administration
interface (not completed) (thanks to Andrey Zamaraev)
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Likewise
2004-04-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Increased receive buffer
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Support for "/quote" command
2004-04-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd.erl: Added searching of files in code:priv_lib
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/translate.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Added "log_path" configuration parameter
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/Makefile.win32: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/**/*.c: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/configure.erl: Added writing of version to Makefile.inc
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* doc/guide.tex: Updated link to expat (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-04-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/idna.erl: Support for IDNA (RFC3490)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
2004-04-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml.erl: element_to_string/1 and crypt/1 now returns deep
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl (add_message_to_history): Replaced
string:len with lists:flatlength
2004-03-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Updated win32 stuff (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Added interface for access rules
2004-03-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Updated
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Bugfix
2004-03-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: More verbose error handling
2004-03-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Minor update
2004-03-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Added interface for users listsing and
2004-03-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: New interface for ACLs editing
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Fixed "Content-Type" header,
"Set-Cookie" is included only in first response in session, added
missed behaviour definition
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: "Content-Type" header now can be
2004-03-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_web.erl: Experiments with web-interface
* src/configure.ac: Updated
* src/Makefile.in: Likewise
2004-03-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http.erl: Removed debugging output
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed processing of get_presence request
(thanks to Mickael Remond)
2004-03-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Now private conferences are
visible to admins and owners of this conference (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: More xml:lang support (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Better processing of EMAIL tag (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Added "catch" to "open_socket" (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
2004-03-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/ejabberd_http_poll.erl: Completed
2004-03-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Support for HTTP Polling (JEP-0025) (almost complete)
2004-03-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Updated
2004-03-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Minor update
2004-03-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/web/: Small HTTP server and admin web-interface to ejabberd
(not completed yet)
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added HTTP processes supervisor
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added API to ask presence (thanks to
Mickael Remond)
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Updated date parser (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added error descriptions (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Fixed vCard tag (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added macros for errors with <text/> (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-02-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Updated error codes, removed
trailing "-" in history. updated subject sending, added <title/>
in configuration form (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Added vCard, ejabberd:configure
replaced with jabber:iq:register (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure.erl: Updated "xml:lang" usage, updated some
messages (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added "lang" field in "iq" record (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated to latest JEP-0078 (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-02-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2004-02-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Support for history management
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_stats.erl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: "jabber:iq:data" replaced with
"ejabberd:config" namespace (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
2004-02-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added <session/> to stream features
2004-02-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc.erl: Now uses "ejabberd:config" namespace
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_disco.erl: Fixed disco category and type (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added "ejabberd:config" namespace (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2004-01-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added command for log reopening
2004-01-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: Added commands for backup processing
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added processing of xml:lang according to
latest XMPP-IM draft
* src/xml.erl: Added replace_tag_attr/3 function
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added auto-reply on incoming subscription
request according to latest XMPP-IM draft
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added pop_offline_messages/1 function
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Updated sending of offline messages
2004-01-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix, updated error codes
(thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated error codes (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
2004-01-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed bind namespace
* src/ejabberd_ctl.erl: New module for ejabberd administration
* tools/ejabberdctl: Shell script for ejabberd administration
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Copyright update
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Now possible to specify access rules
for service
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2004-01-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Added monitoring of processess that
serve domains
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Bugfix
2004-01-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_router.erl (do_route/3): Slightly changed behaviour
2004-01-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (do_route/3): Minor fix
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (route_message/3): Minor changes
2003-12-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Now possible to specify path to log file
via "EJABBERD_LOG_PATH" environment variable
* src/translate.erl: Now possible to specify path to "msgs"
directory via "EJABBERD_MSGS_PATH" environment variable
* src/ejabberd.erl: Added get_so_path/0 function
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Use ejabberd:get_so_path/0 to load .so
* src/mod_irc/iconv.erl: Likewise
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Likewise
2003-12-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Presence probe now sended from full JID
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Added workaround for legacy gateways
(passing of "subscribed" presence)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Minor fix in subscription processing
2003-12-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added declaration of "iq" record
* (all): Updated to use "iq" record
2003-12-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Replaced register_local_route to
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_echo.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: Partially rewrited
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
2003-12-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Partially rewrited
* src/mod_roster.erl: Removed debugging code
2003-12-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Bugfix
2003-12-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Updated subscription handling to latest
XMPP-IM draft
2003-12-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Changed timeout processing, bugfix
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Changed timeout processing
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Better i18n support, added support for
<registered/> field in iq:register replies (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_register.erl: More i18n support (thanks to Sergei
2003-12-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix in processing of connection
2003-11-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added workaround for some Java clients
2003-11-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updatted (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: LDAP attribute that holds user ID now
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
2003-11-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixed processing of presence probe from
2003-11-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Support for LDAP authentification
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/eldap/: Imported "eldap" package
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2003-11-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfixes
* (all): Version 0.5 released
2003-11-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* src/Makefile.in: Added installation of msgs/ directory
2003-11-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/dev.tex: Developers documentation (not completed)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Better handling of malformed JIDs
* src/mod_register.erl (try_register/2): Now returns "jid
malformed" error if user name is invalid
2003-11-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Added support for shapers
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Moved receiver functions to
ejabberd_receiver module
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_receiver.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl (route_message/3): Bugfix
2003-11-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix for previous resource handling
* src/mod_configure.erl: Password changing now implemented
2003-11-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Updated SASL authentification
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Better resource handling
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_BIND macros
2003-11-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Added reporting of outgoing S2S
connections number
* src/mod_disco.erl (get_outgoing_s2s): Minor fix
2003-11-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure2.erl: Yet another configure interface (not
completed yet)
2003-11-01 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_last.erl: Added remove_user/1 function
* src/mod_configure.erl: Removing of user's stuff moved to
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Likewise
2003-10-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Updated to work more
correctly with latest jlib
2003-10-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: More strong check for authentificated JID
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
2003-10-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Fixed starting of SSL connection
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Partially rewriten
* src/ejabberd_router.erl: More verbose error report
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Updated to be compatible with R9C
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Minor fix
2003-10-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added handling of accept errors,
added timeout value to ssl:accept
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added checks for all empty input fields
* src/mod_offline.erl: More strong checks for stored packets
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Bugfix
2003-10-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Minor change in check_password/4
* src/mod_roster.erl: Workaround for PSI bug with roster
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: Added support for log rotation
2003-10-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Added function remove_old_messages/1
* src/mod_last.erl: jabber:iq:last support (JEP-0012)
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/jlib.hrl: Added NS_LAST macros
2003-10-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_logger_h.erl: New error_logger handler
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Now uses ejabberd_logger_h.erl
2003-10-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/Makefile.in: Added install rule
* src/jlib.erl: Added checks for JID parts length
2003-10-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Added checks for stringprep results
* src/expat_erl.c: Workaround for EI encode_string bug
* src/xml_stream.erl: Slightly changed protocol to expat driver
* src/expat_erl.c: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: Minor fix
2003-10-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Fixed typo
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Added support for announce/online
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/mod_register.erl: Added support for sending registration
2003-10-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Added supports for multiple hosts per
* src/Makefile.in: Minor fix
2003-10-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/configure.ac: Build system now done using autoconf (thanks
to Balabanov Dmitry)
* src/aclocal.m4: Likewise
* src/**/Makefile.in: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl (process_item_set_t): Slightly improved
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added missed closing of XML stream process,
removed timeout value from import_file/1
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added checks for invalid user name
2003-10-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure.erl: Fixed some error codes
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Bugfix (thanks to Justin Karneges)
2003-10-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_register.erl: Added support for sending of "welcome"
* src/ejabberd.cfg.example: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Replaced "_jabber-server" with
2003-10-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Added support for IPv6 and
"_jabber-server.tcp" lookups
* src/jlib.erl (string_to_jid1): Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_config.erl: Now possible to specify path to config
file in command line
2003-10-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/ejabberd.cfg: Added "register" rule, added some comments,
this file renamed to ejabberd.cfg.example
* src/mod_register.erl (try_register): Fixed error reply, added
check for "register" access rule
2003-10-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/Makefile.win32: Added Makefile for Win32 (thanks
to Sergei Golovan)
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Removed needless iconv.h
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added filtering of presence packets with
privacy rules
* src/mod_roster.erl (get_jid_info): Bugfix
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Removed periodical dumping of opened ports
2003-10-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added authentification logging
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Added logging of accepted connections
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Cleanup
* src/jd2ejd.erl: Added support for iq:private importing
* src/mod_configure.erl: Fixed user removal
* src/mod_private.erl: Added remove_user/1
* doc/guide.tex: Updated
* src/mod_disco.erl: Added "extra_domains" option
2003-10-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added support for "jid-malformed" error
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Bugfix
2003-10-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Changed JID storage format, added support for stringprep
* src/stringprep/: Added support for Unicode normalization form KC
2003-10-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/: Added support for case convertion to multiple
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: Temporary removed "auth-int" QOP
2003-09-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/stringprep_drv.c: Added support for nameprep,
nodeprep and resourceprep
* src/stringprep/stringprep.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sup.erl: Added loading of stringprep
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Cleanup
2003-09-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/stringprep/: Support for stringprep (not completed yet)
2003-09-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Replaced io:format calls to ?DEBUG ones
2003-09-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Debug output switched off
* src/mod_disco.erl: Server identity changed to "service/im"
* src/mod_register.erl: Fixed jabber:iq:register handler
registration, fixed registration removal processing
2003-09-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_disco.erl: Now only admin can discovery some nodes,
fixed "node" attribute in replies
2003-09-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
* examples/mtr/ejabberd: Likewise
2003-09-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg: Updated (thanks to Marshall T. Rose)
2003-09-04 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* examples/mtr/*: Example config and scripts for NetBSD (thanks to
Marshall T. Rose)
2003-09-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Fixed "id" attribute processing
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Added sending of empty <stream:features/>
element after opening of authentificated stream
2003-09-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Temporary hack for "id" attribute
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
2003-08-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Fixed SSL options
2003-08-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Support for filtering of incoming messages
and IQs, presence filtering will be after some xmpp-im
2003-08-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Fixed handling of room names with
uppercase letters
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added support for
password-protected rooms
2003-08-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added handling for
jabber:iq:version and jabber:iq:time requests, participant address
now added to presence status
2003-08-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_privacy.erl: Privacy rules support (not completed yet)
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
2003-07-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl (create_new_node): Bugfix
2003-07-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_roster.erl: Bugfix
* src/jlib.hrl: Added iq:privacy namespace
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Added support for NOTICE and
CODEPAGE commands, better support for QUIT and PART commands
(thanks to Oleg V. Motienko)
2003-07-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Reorganized supervision tree
2003-07-19 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_register.erl: Bugfix
2003-07-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Close connection after key
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: start replaced with start_link
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Now uses proc_lib to spawn listeners,
removed 3rd parameter in listener configuration (assumed to equal
* src/ejabberd.rel: Updated
* doc/guide.tex: Small changes
* doc/Makefile: Added implicit charset specification to hevea
2003-07-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* doc/guide.tex: Updated (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* src/expat_erl.c: Added #ifdef for WIN32 (thanks to Sergei
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c: Likewise
* src/configure.erl: Defines ERLANG_DIR variable (thanks to Sergei
* **/Makefile: Use ERLANG_DIR (thanks to Sergei Golovan)
* **/Makefile.win32: Makefiles for windows build (thanks to Sergei
* src/configure.bat: Configuration script for windows (thanks to
Sergei Golovan)
2003-07-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Added suport for meta-node
2003-07-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Most of functions now works
2003-07-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl: Pub/sub implementation (not
completed yet)
2003-07-05 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added pub/sub namespaces
2003-07-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/iconv_erl.c (iconv_erl_control): Bugfix
2003-06-30 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Fixed room destroying
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Likewise
2003-06-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Error stanzas updated to confirm latest xmpp-core
2003-06-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Returned stream restarting
2003-06-10 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Removed stream restarting
2003-06-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: SASL support updated to xmpp-core-13
2003-06-06 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl*.erl: Support for authzid
2003-06-03 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/msgs/fr.msg: New french translation (thanks to Vincent Ricard)
2003-05-31 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Updated SASL namespace
2003-05-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Proper handling of bad XML
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Append number of participants in
disco replies if requester allowed to see participant list
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl (iq_disco_items): Pass requester JID to
room process
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Exit on receiving of
presence or message error
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl (handle_info): Return
"feature not implemented" on iq request with unknown namespace
2003-05-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Now body of message from admin to MUC
service is broadcasted to all conferences
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Likewise
2003-05-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s.erl: Added error catching for do_route/3
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Likewise for do_route/4
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Updated
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: New option to allow to view list
of participants for non-ones via disco#items
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Store room subject with
configuration options
2003-05-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Remove user from room on receiving
of message or presence error from him
2003-05-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Fixed error replies, added timeouts
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Likewise
2003-05-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_local.erl: Updated missed errors to new style
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_version.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_time.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_stats.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_private.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_configure.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_vcard.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_roster.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Added vcard to mod_muc module
* src/ejabberd_app.erl: Dump list of opened ports every hour
* src/ejabberd.hrl: Added INFO_MSG macros, ERROR_LOG_PATH renamed
2003-05-08 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Denied usage of empty nick
2003-05-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Return bad-request if no x:data form
submited with nick registration
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Don't check permissions on disco
info query processing
2003-04-29 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Workaround to make SSL work properly
2003-04-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Fixed URL to ejabberd
2003-04-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc.erl: Support for nick registration
2003-04-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Some fixes in work with socket
2003-04-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Support for members-only
conferences, invitations. Bugfix in affiliation change processing
* src/jlib.hrl: Added jabber:x:conference namespace definition
2003-04-07 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added jaber:iq:auth:error namespace and
appropriate errors
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Use auth:error in appropriate places
* src/jlib.hrl: Changed stream error and stanza error namespace
names due to last XMPP Core changes
2003-03-28 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Added support for grant/revoke
administrative/owner priveledges, fixed work with affiliations
2003-03-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd.cfg: Updated
* src/mod_muc/mod_muc_room.erl: Support for service admin,
kick/ban reasons, more options
* src/msgs/ru.msg: Added translations for MUC messages
* src/ejabberd_s2s_in.erl: Bugfix
* src/mod_muc/: Small fixes in discovering
2003-03-26 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/: Support for discovering service and more
configuration options
2003-03-25 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/: Support for more configuration options and
persistent rooms
2003-03-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_muc/: MUC support (not completed yet)
2003-03-15 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/xml_stream.erl: Removed "link" which cause not improper
closing of xml connections
2003-03-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/jlib.hrl: Added "invalid-namespace" error
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
2003-03-12 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_s2s_out.erl: Fixed ports leak
* src/ejabberd_listener.erl: Likewise
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Fixes for SASL support
* src/cyrsasl.erl: Fixes
* src/cyrsasl_digest.erl: DIGEST-MD5 SASL mechanism support
2003-03-09 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/cyrsasl*.erl: SASL support (currently support only PLAIN
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
(all): Support for new-style error elements (except old errors
"Not Acceptable", "Not Found", "Invalid Namespace" and "Server
Connect Failed", so ejabberd may work unstable)
2003-03-02 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: More correct stream closing
2003-02-27 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Support for topic changes
2003-02-24 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: /kick support
2003-02-23 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/: Added configuration interface
* src/mod_configure.erl: Use jabber:iq:data instead of
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
2003-02-22 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_configure.erl: Backup management support
* src/mod_disco.erl: Likewise
2003-02-21 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_offline.erl: Now possible to unload this module
* src/ejabberd_sm.erl: Added checks to work correctly when
mod_offline not loaded
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Likewise
* src/mod_register.erl: Added support for users removal
* src/ejabberd_auth.erl: Added function to remove user only if
specified password correct
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl: Fixed bug with changing
availability status, added processing of "QUIT" message
2003-02-20 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_roster.erl: Fixed bug with handling of roster set
stanzas which contains CDATA
* src/mod_irc/mod_irc_connection.erl (handle_info/3): Fixed
parsing of string that have "\n" line separators (not "\r\n")
2003-02-18 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/: Added support for private chats, nicks changes and
error handling
2003-02-17 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/: Still not completed...
2003-02-16 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/mod_irc/: New IRC transport (not completed yet)
2003-02-14 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_service.erl: Answer "Bad Request" on unknown tags
2003-02-13 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* src/ejabberd_c2s.erl: Bugfix: close socket when stream is closed
* src/mod_offline.erl: Now all offline packets processed in
separate queue to avoid delaying of other packets transmission.
Also all packets in queue processed in one transaction.
2003-02-11 Alexey Shchepin <alexey@sevcom.net>
* (all): Version 0.1-alpha released