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Badlop 6e0161470e
Update newest copyright year to 2021 (#3464)
2 years ago
.. Improve script documentation 4 years ago Add helper to check xep implementations and versions 4 years ago
ejabberdctl.bc Remove --auth in ejabberd_ctl.erl as it's useless, still useful for mod_rest 7 years ago Extract translatable strings also from the xmpp library 3 years ago Hide false-positive warnings about mod_delegation Type atom and NS binary 3 years ago Add unit test script for http-bind service (thanks to Stefan Strigler) 14 years ago For mod_vcard_* modules, redirect options to mod_vcard 2 years ago When running "make translations" use the external ejabberd_po repository 2 years ago Add option to check for missing hex releases to update script 2 years ago
xml_compress_gen.erl Update newest copyright year to 2021 (#3464) 2 years ago