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ejabberd is an open-source, robust, scalable and extensible realtime platform built using Erlang/OTP, that includes XMPP Server, MQTT Broker and SIP Service.

Check the features in, ejabberd Docs, ejabberd at ProcessOne, and a list of supported protocols and XEPs.


There are several ways to install ejabberd:


Please check the ejabberd Docs website.

When compiling from source code, you can get some help with:

./configure --help
make help

Once ejabberd is installed, try:

ejabberdctl help
man ejabberd.yml


Bug reports and features are tracked using GitHub Issues, please check CONTRIBUTING for details.

Translations can be improved online using Weblate or in your local machine as explained in Localization.

Documentation for developers is available in ejabberd docs: Developers.

Security reports or concerns should preferably be reported privately, please send an email to the address: contact [at] process-one [dot] net or some other method from ProcessOne Contact.

For commercial offering and support, including ejabberd Business Edition and Fluux (ejabberd in the Cloud), please check ProcessOne ejabberd page.


There are several places to get in touch with other ejabberd developers and administrators:


ejabberd is released under the GNU General Public License v2 (see COPYING), and ejabberd translations under MIT License.