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Misc tools created for the maintenance of the XMPP services at chapril.org.
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# XMPP tools
## Quickstart guide
mkdir -p /srv/xmpp.chapril.org
cd /src/xmpp.chapril.org
git clone ssh://gitea@forge.april.org:222/Chapril/xmpp.chapril.org-tools.git tools
cd /usr/local/sbin
ln -s /srv/xmpp.chapril.org/tools/rapport_activite/rapport_activites.sh
ln -s /srv/xmpp.chapril.org/tools/rapport_activite/update_ticket.sh
cat /etc/cron.d/update-ticket-rapport-dactivite
42 7 1 * * root API_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /usr/local/sbin/update_redmine_ticket