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@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Simple mailing script.
**Table of content**
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Input format](#input-format)
- [Licence](#licence)
## Installation
@ -29,6 +30,30 @@ following packages:
$ ./ --help
$ ./ -t test-recipients-data -b test-emailling --dry-run --verbose
## Input format
### CSV
The « to-file » is expected to be csv with the [default
(delimiter = `,` and char delimiter =`"`).
The first line declare columns headers. The `from` and `to` headers are
expected the be found. Headers are lower cased.
To avoid boring repetition it is possible to declare a default column value
using `:` in header. The default value is considered when the column is lacking,
not when the column is empty.
### Templates
The templates files are expected to be [jinja2
templates]( The csv
values are accessible using the column name, i.e. one can insert the recipient
address anywhere in template using `{{ to }}`.
Don't worry about escaping: HTML templates are auto escaped.
## License
Spamotron is developed by April and licensed under the [GPLv2+](LICENSE).