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Shauna b19da63151 Reset to defaults 8 years ago
Shauna 06077c3e63 Made nick_clean function to handle all nick de-decorating 8 years ago
Shauna 59f9caeadc Fix conditional error in message_response 8 years ago
shaunagm 602b2f1176 Merge pull request #37 from aaparella/fast-name-change-fix 8 years ago
shaunagm 370ab17721 Merge pull request #36 from mhwalsh/master 8 years ago
Alex Parella 8d1697f735 Update newcomer list when a newcomer changes name before being greeted 8 years ago
BananaObserved a9b63279a6 Update 8 years ago
Shauna e5dc52ae17 Change how is imported by test suite 8 years ago
Shauna 244ff44b6d Set variables to normal, remove empty test 8 years ago
Shauna cb2122ed3a Update README 8 years ago
Shauna 15a39497ab Remove old files 8 years ago
Shauna 3b545ee35f Replace old code with new, add tests 8 years ago
Shauna 3f590c227d Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
Shauna 4e9b7051fb Clean up new main() function 8 years ago
shaunagm 7acf506b6e Merge pull request #31 from lkuper/patch-1 8 years ago
Lindsey Kuper 90e1ed35a7 Update 8 years ago
Shauna 3ad2374dac Add join_IRC tests 8 years ago
Shauna 6c67609a11 Make sent_message into a list 8 years ago
Shauna 2a8f504262 Move fake_ircsock to 8 years ago
Shauna 694c868a13 Fix broken ircsock tests 8 years ago
Shauna 7085d526ca Add ircsock as parameter, fix first test 8 years ago
Shauna eb60ae54ad Add requirements.txt 8 years ago
Shauna 5665c64a3e Update gitignore, remove cached files 8 years ago
Shauna 3b9b498376 Add new testing changes 8 years ago
shaunagm fd25e43ae6 Merge pull request #24 from jbertino/iss18 8 years ago
james.bertino d9f994ae98 Added try and except statements to fix Issue #18 9 years ago
shaunagm bbde4ae19a Merge pull request #23 from sunu/testing 9 years ago
Tarashish Mishra 02b7e4e967 Fixed a test involving writing nicks to csv file. 9 years ago
Shauna ab2fe9c87f refactored into, added some tests 9 years ago
shaunagm e15634bae9 Merge pull request #19 from noobur/develop2 9 years ago
james.bertino a6b908d07c Merge branch 'master' into develop2 9 years ago
noobur 1fe865de11 Merge pull request #1 from shaunagm/master 9 years ago
james.bertino acab64b5f7 Merge branch 'master' into develop2 9 years ago
shaunagm feb6f5c90b fixes minor formatting issue 9 years ago
shaunagm f4671db191 Merge pull request #15 from noobur/develop 9 years ago
james.bertino 4ad322b030 Changed the return value of wait_time_change() to an int and updated the README. 9 years ago
james.bertino e92de19b21 Minor tweeks to Issue #14 fix. 9 years ago
james.bertino b145445d7e Fix for Issue #5. 9 years ago
james.bertino 6717db316f Fix for Issue #14 and PEP8 changes. 9 years ago
shaunagm 371ba9d58b separate url from punctuation 9 years ago
shaunagm 28b7cf2521 Merge pull request #9 from kwurst/master 9 years ago
shaunagm 9a2983cef8 Merge pull request #7 from r3d3y3/master 9 years ago
Karl R. Wurst 12c38a5488 Fix typo in 9 years ago
Patrick Pegus II 2b433cc528 switched to regular expressions for parsing hello and help requests 9 years ago
shaunagm bbe9164766 Update 9 years ago
Shauna c3f6f90c33 does not greet nicks who leave quickly 9 years ago
shaunagm 32812dd656 Merge pull request #4 from Aaron1011/allow_pm 9 years ago
Aaron Hill 7b6f46b14f Allow people to PM the bot 9 years ago
Shauna 34d4a7217e adds license, fixes #3 9 years ago
Shauna 9d0afaa22c updates nicks 9 years ago