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# -*- coding: utf-8 -1 -*-
# Replace these default settings with your own personal settings
# IRC configuration
channel = "#april-accueil"
botnick = "bot_d_accueil"
server = ""
registered = False
# Bot behavior
wait_time = 60
channel_greeters = ["madix", "cioccolisa", "cpm_screen", "lonugem" ]
nick_source = "nicks.csv"
# Bot text
hello_list = ["hello", "yo", "bonjour", "salut"]
help_list = ["help", "info", "faq", "explain_yourself", "aide"]
# Bot welcome message. In fact, never used.
welcome_message = "Welcome! The channel is pretty quiet right now, so I thought I'd say hello, and ping some people that you're here. If no one responds for a whle, try emailing us at or just try coming back later. FYI, you're now on my list of known nicknames, so I won't bother you again."