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- set_orga_meta
- if @orga.kind
%em.fa{ class: "fa-#{@orga.kind.icon}",
title: Kind.human_attribute_name("name_#{}") }
= title
= image_tag @orga.url + '/favicon.ico', alt: '', class: :favicon
= render 'aside' if controller.controller_name == 'orgas'
- if @orga.place_name.present?
%span= @orga.place_name
- if @orga.address.present?
%span= @orga.address
%span= link_to,
%span= link_to @orga.region.try(:name),
"{url_encode @orga.region.try :name}"
- if @orga.latitude && @orga.longitude
.orga#map{ data: { url: maps_path(format: :json).to_s,
latitude: @orga.latitude.to_s, longitude: @orga.longitude.to_s } }
%h3= t '.description'
= description sanitize @orga.description,
tags: %w[p h1 h2 h3 h4 br table tr th td ul ol li a strong b em i img sub sup span],
attributes: %w[href src width height style title]
- if @orga.department.present?
= Orga.human_attribute_name :department
%dd= @orga.department
- if @orga.url.present?
= Orga.human_attribute_name :url
%dd= link_to @orga.url, sanitize(@orga.url)
- if @orga.diaspora.present?
= Orga.human_attribute_name :diaspora
%dd= link_to @orga.diaspora, @orga.diaspora
- if @orga.feed.present?
= Orga.human_attribute_name :feed
%dd= link_to @orga.feed, @orga.feed
- if
= Event.human_attribute_name :contact
%dd= mail_to, nil,
encode: (request.format == 'text/html' ? :javascript : nil),
replace_at: ' CHEZ ', replace_dot: ' POINT '
- if @orga.tags.any?
= Event.human_attribute_name :tags
- @orga.tags.each do |tag|
= link_to tag, tag_path(, rel: :tag
= Orga.human_attribute_name :active
%dd= t
- if @orga.updated_at
= Orga.human_attribute_name :updated_at
%dd= l @orga.updated_at.to_date, format: :long
- if @events_future && @events_future.any?
= t '.future'
= link_to tag_path @orga.name_as_tag do
= t '.count', count: @events_future.count
- if @events_future && @events_past.any?
= t '.past'
= link_to tag_path @orga.name_as_tag do
= t '.count', count: @events_past.count