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echarp 1980abb20f i18n raw elements modified to have _html in their key 3 years ago
echarp 55122888e1 Event submitter email address is now required 3 years ago
echarp ff5ecf6614 Region filter moved on top of main banner map 3 years ago
echarp 6e0bf064bb Missing/misplaced translation for future events 3 years ago
echarp dbc738c16e Organisation description translated on related screens 3 years ago
echarp 6873460760 Indentations 3 years ago
echarp 6f216a20c1 Missing interpolations added to locale 3 years ago
echarp b10d5a7328 Refs #146 3 years ago
echarp a279c93aea Refs #146 3 years ago
echarp 6c6b293099 Map legend for events in the future is more clearly named. Refs #127 3 years ago
echarp f6fa5860b4 Better small screen display 3 years ago
echarp 2cc8012731 Count by country in the markdown digest 4 years ago
echarp 0a1b7fcbe3 The "advanced filter" link is moved to the top right side of the screen 4 years ago
echarp dbd3b149fc Clarification on the organisation search helper. Closes #142 4 years ago
echarp c82540986c Helper added to the repetition rule, on the nth day 4 years ago
echarp 5ed5a8de77 Link to osm opens in a new target 4 years ago
echarp 876f325633 Some i18n translation 4 years ago
echarp 61529e4ecf Event counts are added to the tags' pages 4 years ago
echarp 574f8e1270 Moved translations, to apply to proper template 4 years ago
echarp 1800328537 Translation for "copy event" was in the wrong section 4 years ago
echarp e913c28f66 Slight partial reorganisation for events' aside 4 years ago
echarp bef9773d55 Organisations' filter has a title popup to explain the criteria used 5 years ago
echarp 3d338b3018 Bundle update, including a big upgrade to font awesome 5 5 years ago
echarp 8591f4f786 The map link/icon is back into the footer instead of under the month agenda 5 years ago
echarp 1a1dd9306e Country names no longer useful in translation files 5 years ago
echarp 9bfef874a0 Better looking forms 5 years ago
echarp 6924f7ec3c Changes to the main display: the title is flushed left. 5 years ago
echarp 45722dc224 SPAM removal will not send an email or version data 5 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana 63c7f5b586 renamed files pt-BR 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana c37df14dbb updated translations 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana c6b07fe07e updated translations 6 years ago
echarp 728a981811 Some corrected indentation 6 years ago
echarp 1ac75f4759 Some missing translations 6 years ago
echarp 2fae5c09a4 Migration to the gem high_voltage: « Easily include static pages in your Rails app» 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana 5c80aa8aa5 Fixed some phrases 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana 14251ffcef Translation to new filter function 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana fc49ad954f Files to translate to portuguese 6 years ago