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echarp 7f2b5a7a6e Regions can now be organised into a hierarchy.
The region selector is back on the top page, but right under the related country's flag
6 years ago
echarp a5084cfa84 French typography, spacing at least, when applicable 6 years ago
echarp 2d5b916077 Listing future events, with full description. Refs #90 6 years ago
echarp 8112a4056f No more mister nice guy, the main table's width is now set at 100%! 6 years ago
echarp 7eff55625d Individual table cells should not be larger than 1/7th of the screen width 6 years ago
echarp a048844ce1 Main table no more constrained to a width of 90% 6 years ago
echarp d9a360575a Added link to brasilian agenda!!! 6 years ago
echarp 716568f511 Bundle update 7 years ago
echarp 179ec98cf0 Better tag cloud display 7 years ago
echarp 155215c812 Better tag cloud display 7 years ago
echarp 5b3228dae8 Webshims and select2 removed, replaced with straight rails datetime select and jquery tags input 7 years ago
echarp ed8bbfb718 Font familly removed, so that the browser's default font will apply 7 years ago
echarp 2fae5c09a4 Migration to the gem high_voltage: « Easily include static pages in your Rails app»
This replaces the "application" directory where were stored some common static pages
7 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana 369d7015df Updates in functios to send emails to submitters and/or moderators 7 years ago
echarp 40bfa440a6 A separate filter page lets users search more precisely for events or organisations, in different formats 7 years ago
echarp a57b376151 Separate page to manage a complete filter, presenting all available options 7 years ago
echarp bc81a2fb9c Event calendar better displayed on small screens: past events only visible when hovering over the current month 7 years ago
echarp aaaeb323bc Tags page better displayed 7 years ago
echarp 572ab44e2b Removal of compass, which was used to support older browsers 7 years ago
echarp a2dc4144e7 Better management of a textual reason when destroying moderated events 7 years ago
echarp 06e3595988 The changeset displayed on the versions page are now better line wrapped 7 years ago
echarp dfc18d452d Merge branch 'recurrent' 7 years ago
echarp 2026213536 It is now possible to create repeat events, which will be automatically created during moderation 7 years ago
echarp 0b54eaceeb New assets targets to precompile assets easily 7 years ago
echarp f16f7c780c The css to position legend markers was overriden by the vendor styles... 7 years ago
echarp 1d5eac21f2 Map legend markers now have the proper color 7 years ago
echarp 3c826ee66f The maps' items now have proper markers and different colors. Refs #71 7 years ago
echarp 3712aa1de3 ul and ol lists have a left padding 7 years ago
echarp 0a57efcbc9 Removed iframe layout, which was not necessary 7 years ago
echarp f02c0b10f2 Organisations are now also displayed on the map. Refs #71 7 years ago
echarp 77ba9032d3 Organisations can now have a detailed place name and address, plus a specific geocoded localisation. Refs #71 7 years ago
echarp 4e4f6b0621 Lists bullets are better displayed 7 years ago
echarp 18af616ce3 Libre en fête logo added to corresponding events 7 years ago
echarp fbeba30cd1 Cleaner tables, particularly for the tighest screens. Refs #14, #24 7 years ago
echarp 09382cb3d2 Organisation kinds counters and filters added to the organisations' page. Refs #52 8 years ago
echarp bede2ce5e1 Continuous pagination. Refs #24 8 years ago
echarp 8b1e967e35 Diaspora field added to all organisations. Refs #28 8 years ago
echarp cf31d430b4 Sass file renamed without .css extension 8 years ago
echarp f2f489aea8 Inactive organisations are now greyed out. Refs #25 8 years ago
echarp fbbe57f873 Organisations' administration is now more complete. Refs #19 8 years ago
echarp 40e367734c Champs "active" et "description" ajoutés aux organisations. Refs #12 8 years ago
echarp 35fdf9b3d5 The linuxfr weekly digest should be mostly ready. Refs #4 8 years ago
echarp a9981262c5 Work on the weekly digest. Refs #4 8 years ago
echarp bb52096788 The events description headers will no longer be moved after the sidebar 8 years ago
echarp e0d6415865 Organisations can now be managed as are managed events: propose, accept or refuse 8 years ago
echarp bed6719c8f Stylesheet specific to agenda des communs 8 years ago
echarp 4d0c2ec725 Les événements peuvent maintenant avoir un nom de lieu associé 8 years ago
echarp 3618f32009 Attempt to modify the map size 8 years ago
echarp 0333a1ad68 Organisation can now be organised in kinds, and easily modified by moderators 8 years ago
echarp ef7df97949 Table lugs renamed to orgas 8 years ago