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echarp 7f2b5a7a6e Regions can now be organised into a hierarchy. 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana bf06a3628b renamed files pt-BR 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana c37df14dbb updated translations 6 years ago
echarp 5b3228dae8 Webshims and select2 removed, replaced with straight rails datetime select and jquery tags input 6 years ago
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana fc49ad954f Files to translate to portuguese 6 years ago
echarp a2dc4144e7 Better management of a textual reason when destroying moderated events 6 years ago
echarp 3069dced13 It is now possible to repeat events using a new méthod: nth day of the month 6 years ago
echarp 2026213536 It is now possible to create repeat events, which will be automatically created during moderation 6 years ago
echarp 32dbf4bfd6 Lab renamed to third place 7 years ago
echarp 3f382391c7 Better translation for GLUGs 7 years ago
echarp 50f429784c Some advances to maps, and translations. Refs #71 7 years ago
echarp 77ba9032d3 Organisations can now have a detailed place name and address, plus a specific geocoded localisation. Refs #71 7 years ago
echarp 218cb67571 The organisation "lab" is better named in the creation form 7 years ago
echarp 89c5329c29 Correction to the diaspora* field displayed along organisations. Refs #28 7 years ago
echarp 15c6c500f3 Forgotten translation 7 years ago
echarp 8b1e967e35 Diaspora field added to all organisations. Refs #28 7 years ago
echarp bc810ded71 Tags traduits en Français en «mots-clés». Refs #38 7 years ago
echarp 127d043691 Search by department removed. An integer can not be compared like other search parametes. Refs #11 7 years ago
echarp 40e367734c Champs "active" et "description" ajoutés aux organisations. Refs #12 7 years ago
echarp 746f7e9fda Orgas not displayed as associations anymore 8 years ago
echarp 4d0c2ec725 Les événements peuvent maintenant avoir un nom de lieu associé 8 years ago
echarp 0333a1ad68 Organisation can now be organised in kinds, and easily modified by moderators 8 years ago
echarp ef7df97949 Table lugs renamed to orgas 8 years ago
echarp 85cbc6aea5 Utilisation de cartes OSM de suède 8 years ago
echarp dafb52ddf5 Affichage affiné des evts, avec icone pour indiquer leur localité 8 years ago
echarp 99fb6e2e93 Calendrier principal: la puce des listes permet de savoir si evt local ou national 8 years ago
echarp ae7015da2d On ne peut plus saisir un événement dont la date de début est après la date de fin 8 years ago
echarp ecb75c7b3a English translations 8 years ago
echarp 467a21ac76 Les traductions sont séparées dans des sous-répertoires 8 years ago