A calendar management project, for events and activities related to communities fighting for freedoms.
This can be related to software, art, data, hardware, content, commons, internet.
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= render partial: '/tags/context', locals: { tags: params[:id] }
= title params[:id]
= t '.count', count: @events_future.count
= t '.links'
= link_to tags_path, class: :back do
= Event.human_attribute_name :tags
= link_to events_path tag: params[:id] do
= link_to events_path format: :rss, tag: params[:id] do
= link_to events_path format: :ics, tag: params[:id] do
= link_to maps_path tag: params[:id] do
= link_to maps_path format: :json, tag: params[:id] do
- @events_future.order('start_time asc').each do |event|
= link_to event do
%em.city= event.city
= event.title
- if event.place_name.present?
%span= event.place_name
- if event.address.present?
%span= event.address
%p= display_date event
= sanitize event.description,
tags: %w[p h1 h2 h3 h4 br table tr th td ul ol li a strong b em i img sub sup span],
attributes: %w[href src width height style title]
- if @events_past.any?
= t '.past'
= t '.count', count: @events_past.count
- @events_past.order('start_time desc').each do |event|
= link_to event do
- if event.locality?
%em.city{ title: event.address }= event.city
= event.title
.date= display_date event