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echarp 2048398aa7
Tag cloud threshold is displayed on the screen
4 years ago
concerns Version initiale 9 years ago
application_controller.rb The locale selection was disabled during migration to rails 5.1 4 years ago
digests_controller.rb Quick correction, commercial week is a Date method... 5 years ago
events_controller.rb Optimisation to eager load regions when outputting events 4 years ago
maps_controller.rb geojson is now all generated from views 4 years ago
moderations_controller.rb Bundle update 4 years ago
notes_controller.rb Bundle update and subsequent cleaning up related to the new rubocop version 6 years ago
orgas_controller.rb Organisations' filter display active one by default, inactive on after a click 4 years ago
regions_controller.rb Events geojson generation is separated into its own jbuilder 5 years ago
stats_controller.rb Permanent filters: "near" and "tag" 4 years ago
tags_controller.rb Tag cloud threshold is displayed on the screen 4 years ago
users_controller.rb Migration to rails 5.1 complete 5 years ago
versions_controller.rb It is now possible to follow events' and organisations' versions. Refs #15 7 years ago