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- if @event.region.present? && @event.region.orgas.present?
= link_to orgas_path region: @event.region do
= t '.orga-list'
- do |orga|
= link_to orga do
- if orga.kind
%em.fa.fa-li{ class: "fa-#{orga.kind.icon}",
title: Kind.human_attribute_name("name_#{}") }
= render partial: '/orgas/favicon', locals: { orga: orga }
= t '.actions'
= link_to event_path @event, protocol: :webcal, format: :ics do
= t '.add_to_calendar'
= link_to preview_events_path(event: { title: @event.title,
start_time: @event.start_time + 1.month,
end_time: @event.end_time + 1.month,
description: @event.description,
place_name: @event.place_name,
address: @event.address,
locality: @event.locality,
url: @event.url,
tag_list: @event.tag_list.to_s }),
method: :post do
= t '.copy'
- if user_signed_in?
= link_to edit_moderation_path @event do
= t '.edit'
= link_to cancel_event_path @event, secret: @event.secret do
= t '.cancel'