A calendar management project, for events and activities related to communities fighting for freedoms.
This can be related to software, art, data, hardware, content, commons, internet.
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// Tag list in event display
p.tags a:after
color: black
content: ','
p.tags a:last-child:after
content: ''
vertical-align: middle
font-size: 1.0em
font-size: 1.2em
font-size: 1.4em
font-size: 1.6em
border: none !important
padding: 0 !important
display: inline-block
min-width: 22em
vertical-align: top
input, .ui-autocomplete-input
border: 1px solid darkgray
padding: 0.2em 0.4em
font-size: inherit
margin-right: 0
input, .ui-autocomplete-input
min-width: 22em
text-align: left