A calendar management project, for events and activities related to communities fighting for freedoms.
This can be related to software, art, data, hardware, content, commons, internet.
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@import font-awesome
@import variables
margin: 0
border: none
padding: 1px 1%
font-size: inherit
min-height: 100%
border: none !important
.helper p
color: gray
text-align: right
margin-top: 0
margin-bottom: 0
margin-left: 0
color: #666
border: $border
display: flex
flex-wrap: wrap
box-shadow: $shadow
align-items: center
border-radius: $radius
& > label, .field_with_errors > label
width: 10em
margin: 0
padding: 0.8em
text-align: right
padding-left: 0
color: #888
padding: 0.8em
font-style: italic
margin-left: 0
input, textarea, div.tagsinput, .field_with_errors:last-child, & > div
flex-grow: 1
&[type=number], &[type=checkbox]
flex-grow: unset
margin-left: 0
margin-right: 0
margin-left: 0
margin-right: 0
width: 10em
.field_with_errors > *
width: 100%
display: block
position: relative
@extend .far
top: 0.4em
right: 0.4em
content: fa-content($fa-var-question-circle)
position: absolute
input, textarea, select, a.button, .actions > button, div.tagsinput, .ui-autocomplete-input
color: black
border: solid 0.25em transparent
outline: none
padding: 0.25em
font-size: inherit
font-family: inherit
background-color: transparent
border-color: #F0F8FF
box-shadow: none
&[type=radio] + label
border: none
&[type=submit], &.button
cursor: pointer
margin: 3px 0.4em
font-size: larger
box-shadow: $shadow
font-weight: bolder
letter-spacing: 2px
background-color: #9CC5EE
display: inline
input, textarea, select, a.button
background-color: pink
margin-left: 0
display: none
color: #258
cursor: pointer
padding: 0.5em
display: inline-block
color: #222
box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px lightgray
[type=radio]:checked + label
color: black
box-shadow: 0 0 0 6px lightgray
[type=radio]:invalid + label
box-shadow: 0 0 1px tomato
text-align: center
font-size: x-large
.field, .list, dl
& > label, & .field_with_errors > label
color: darkred
content: '*'
font-size: smaller
margin-left: 0.4em
& > label:before, & .field_with_errors > label:before, th:before, th a:before
margin-right: 0.4em
@extend .fa
&.login label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-sign-in-alt)
&.password label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-unlock)
&.title label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-newspaper)
&.start_time label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-toggle-on)
&.end_time label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-toggle-off)
&.repeat label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-redo)
&.rule > label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-calculator)
&.description label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-edit)
&.place_name label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-map-pin)
&.address label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-map-marker)
&.city label:before, th.city a:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-building)
&.department label:before, th.department a:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-puzzle-piece)
&.region > label:before, th.region a:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-shield-alt)
&.locality > label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-expand)
&.contact label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-envelope)
&.submitter label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-envelope)
&.url label:before, th.url:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-external-link-alt)
&.diaspora label:after, td.diaspora em:before, dt.diaspora em:before
content: "*"
font-size: 24px
font-family: 'Roboto', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif
line-height: 0
&.tag label:before, th.tag a:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-tag)
&.tags label:before, th.tags a:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-tags)
&.active label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-heartbeat)
&.reason label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-comment)
&.kind > label:before, th.kind:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-cubes)
&.feed label:before, th.feed:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-rss)
&.future label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-backward)
&.period_year label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-fast-backward)
&.period_week label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-step-backward)
&.near_location label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-map-pin)
&.near_distance label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-arrows-alt-h)
&.iframe label:before
content: fa-content($fa-var-arrows-alt)