A calendar management project, for events and activities related to communities fighting for freedoms.
This can be related to software, art, data, hardware, content, commons, internet.
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echarp 57df9016b0 Bundle update 3 years ago
20170827_migration.sql Quick correction, wrong table! 5 years ago
20131114103118_devise_create_admin_users.rb Bundle update 4 years ago
20131114103121_create_active_admin_comments.rb Migration to rails 5.1 complete 5 years ago
20140403204748_create_translation.rb Migration to rails 5.1 complete 5 years ago
20140823111115_add_address_latitude_and_longitude_to_event.rb Géo coding ajouté aux evts 8 years ago
20141011100700_add_lock_version_to_events.rb L'édition concurrent d'un événement est maintenant bloquée 8 years ago
20150215121248_rename_region_foreign_key.rb The foreign key to table region is renamed to region_id 8 years ago
20150215151059_rename_table_lug.rb Table lugs renamed to orgas 8 years ago
20150215172000_create_kinds.rb Better translation for GLUGs 7 years ago
20150215172739_add_data_to_orgas.rb Organisation can now be organised in kinds, and easily modified by moderators 8 years ago
20150301223829_add_place_name_to_events.rb Les événements peuvent maintenant avoir un nom de lieu associé 8 years ago
20150711164423_create_versions.rb Bundle update and subsequent cleaning up related to the new rubocop version 6 years ago
20151225194836_add_active_description_to_orga.rb Champs "active" et "description" ajoutés aux organisations. Refs #12 7 years ago
20151226223947_add_created_at_and_updated_at_to_orga.rb Displaying the "last updated" on organisation's page. Refs #16 7 years ago
20160102152958_modify_orga_department.rb Organisations' departments are now managed as strings. Refs #10, #30 7 years ago
20160103141244_add_tags_to_orga.rb Quick correction on migration to add tags to organisations 7 years ago
20160107203117_add_diaspora_to_orga.rb Diaspora field added to all organisations. Refs #28 7 years ago
20160109203136_add_object_changes_to_versions.rb It is now possible to follow events' and organisations' versions. Refs #15 7 years ago
20160111124855_modify_city_nullable.rb City is no more required at the database level. Refs #51 7 years ago
20160409131029_add_place_name_to_orgas.rb Organisations can now have a detailed place name and address, plus a specific geocoded localisation. Refs #71 7 years ago
20160616190823_create_schedules.rb Removed default value for the recurring rule 6 years ago
20161031215120_migrate_i18n_to_high_voltage.rb Migration to the gem high_voltage: « Easily include static pages in your Rails app» 6 years ago
20161210105328_acts_as_taggable_on_migration.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Migration to rails 5.1 complete 5 years ago
20161210105329_add_missing_unique_indices.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Bundle update and subsequent cleaning up related to the new rubocop version 6 years ago
20161210105330_add_taggings_counter_cache_to_tags.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Webshims and select2 removed, replaced with straight rails datetime select and jquery tags input 6 years ago
20161210105331_add_missing_taggable_index.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Bundle update and subsequent cleaning up related to the new rubocop version 6 years ago
20161210105332_change_collation_for_tag_names.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Bundle update 4 years ago
20161210105333_add_missing_indexes.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Bundle update and subsequent cleaning up related to the new rubocop version 6 years ago
20161210154558_populate_tags.rb Corrected migration, to populate the new tags table 6 years ago
20170422083422_change_events_null_url.rb Event's url is no longer required 6 years ago
20170508142601_add_parent_region_to_region.rb Bundle update 3 years ago
20170701161358_add_lu_and_tn.rb Bundle update 4 years ago
20171015143615_add_missing_indexes_on_taggings.acts_as_taggable_on_engine.rb Migration to Ruby on Rails 5.1 5 years ago
20180408212139_change_events_null_contact.rb Events' contact address is no longer required. 5 years ago
20190509170714_add_abilities_to_devise.rb Adding capabilities to users, login/password/etc. 3 years ago
20191108220522_add_foreign_key_constraint_to_active_storage_attachments_for_blob_id.active_storage.rb Bundle update 3 years ago